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Logo Usage

The official Washtenaw Community College logo is the two-line stacked logo. This logo should be used in color whenever possible.

The colors used in the logo are PMS 356 green, PMS 872 gold, black, or white. If the elements of the logo are not green and gold they should always be one of the approved colors.

Color Examples

One Color Examples

One color examples of the Washtenaw Community College logo Black version of the Washtenaw Community College logo Green version of the Washtenaw Community College logo Gold version of the Washtenaw Community College logo

Logo Do's and Don'ts

These examples do not show every acceptable use or violation of the college logo, but should act as a clear guide in maintaining the logo's visual integrity.

Usage guidleines for logo

Other Guidelines

Below are a few more examples of incorrect use of the college official logo.

Additional usage guidelines for logo

College Seal

The Washtenaw Community College seal is an honored symbol of the institution's identity. It is not to be used for a graphic or design element, and should not be used in any digital or printed materials where the college logo is appropriate as the college identifier.

The seal should only be used on official, institutional documents, such as transcripts and diplomas and on formal certificates, invitations, etc., issued from the Office of the President. Any other use of the college seal should be limited and should always be referred to the .

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