Music and Performing Arts

This academic area encompasses Music Performance, Drama, and Dance classes.

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Video Transcript:
Do you feel more alive when you’re on stage, or as part of a creative team? Have you always wanted to act, dance, compose, but have been afraid to try? Then think about WCC’s School of Music and Performing Arts. There’s no other field where you can express yourself to the world. It doesn’t matter what your experience level is. We only care that you grow. The School of Music and Performing Arts is unique. Why? Because it can train you for a career in the arts or provide a background for an appreciation that can last a lifetime. We’ve had students go on to form their own dance companies, perform with the Blue Man Group, write with such artists as Madonna, and transfer to top four-year performing arts programs. You don’t find this level of equipment and rehearsal space in many schools. We have pianos, space for guitar lessons, a soundproof studio, computers set up with all the applications you need to learn sequencing, producing, arranging. We have large dance studios and two theater stages. In Towsley Auditorium, you can learn sound reinforcement and perform in front of hundreds of people. And yes, we have traditional classrooms where you will learn the valuable art of managing your own career as a performer or music engineer. These instructors know what they teach because every single one of them works in the field. They spend their time performing around the country and working with other artists. You get personal, individual attention from these high-caliber instructors, and they know tons of people in the business who can help you. The tuition at WCC is very reasonable - probably what you’d make playing a few gigs. And there are lots of loans, grants,and scholarships that you may qualify for. So whether you want to work on stage or behind the scenes, you can develop an appreciation for the performing arts, and WCC can help make it happen.

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