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How to Register for Blended Classes

You register for blended classes just like you do for in-person classes. During the registration period, you simply log into MyWCC and register online.

Next Steps

  1. Test your access to the Blackboard class management system.
  2. While you’re in Blackboard, click on the My Courses panel and select the Online Prep Site to see what books or other materials you need. You also can find your needed books and materials by checking the class schedule.
  3. If you’ll use financial aid to pay for your books, authorize a financial aid transfer to WCC’s Barnes & Noble Bookstore. To do this, log into MyWCC and follow the path Financial Aid › Bookstore Information › Barnes & Noble Transfer Authorization.
  4. Order your books and any other materials through the Barnes & Noble Bookstore. You can order online, by phone, or at the on-campus store.
  5. Pay your tuition by the deadline.

Anxious About Online?

We understand that taking tests and doing your schoolwork online might seem a little scary, but our Blackboard help desk provides great support and we offer on-campus training sessions.

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What Students Say About Blended Classes

“I really enjoyed my blended course here at Washtenaw. The postings were easy to understand…. If I could, I would take all of my classes like this.”

—Lisa H., 39

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