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Approved Courses for a Second General Education in Natural Sciences with a Laboratory Experience from a different subject

This information is from the 2019 - 2020 WCC College Catalog.

Course numbers marked in red are available online.

Course Number Course Name Credits Notes
AST 111 General Astronomy 3  
BIO 101 Concepts of Biology 4  
BIO 102 Human Biology 4  
BIO 104 Biology of Exercise 4  
BIO 109 Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology 4  
BIO 111 Anatomy and Physiology - Normal Structure and Function 5  
BIO 161 General Biology I Ecology and Evolution 4  
BIO 162 General Biology II Cells and Molecules 4  
BIO 201 Physiology of Exercise 4  
BIO 208 Genetics 4  
BIO 215 Cell and Molecular Biology 4  
BIO 225 Tests and Measurements in Exercise Science 3  
BIO 227 Biology of Animals 4  
BIO 237 Microbiology 4  
CEM 101 Introductory Chemistry 4  
CEM 105 Fundamentals of Chemistry 4  
CEM 111 General Chemistry I 4  
CEM 122 General Chemistry II 4  
CEM 140 Organic Biochemistry 4  
CEM 211 Organic Chemistry I 4  
CEM 222 Organic Chemistry II 4  
ENV 101 Environmental Science I 4 For WCC students who complete these courses prior to being admitted to EMU, the following courses should meet EMU's diverse world requirement.
GLG 100 Introduction to Earth Science 4  
GLG 104 Weather 4  
GLG 114 Physical Geology 4  
GLG 202 Earth Science for Elementary Teachers 4 For students following an elementary or early childhood education track only
PHY 100 Physics for Elementary Teachers 4 For students following an elementary or early childhood education track only
PHY 105 Conceptual Physics 4  
PHY 111 General Physics I 4  
PHY 122 General Physics II 4  
PHY 211 Analytical Physics I 5  
PHY 222 Analytical Physics II 5  

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