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General Education Requirements
(2018 - 2019 Catalog)

The General Education Requirements found on this page are from 2018 - 2019 Catalog. See the main web page of the General Education Requirements for information from other WCC College Catalogs.

General Education Course Requirements

Students pursuing associate degrees are required to meet general education requirements in six areas. (Click on an area label to see approved classes.) Some classes are limited to a specific degree; check the footnotes when selecting courses. You should also check the requirements for your degree to determine if specific classes are required or recommended.

  • Writing (Composition) - Develop, organize, and express thoughts in writing using Standard English.
  • 2nd Writing (Composition) or Speech - Develop, organize, and express thoughts in writing using Standard English or Speak in an organized and effective manner and listen critically and with comprehension.
  • Mathematics - Understand the applications and perform computations using the concepts of college-level mathematics.
  • Natural Sciences - Understand principles and applications of modern science.
  • Natural Sciences with a Laboratory Experience - Understand principles and applications of modern science with Laboratory.
  • Social and Behavioral Science - Understand principles and applications of social and behavioral science in exploring the dynamics of human behavior.
  • Arts and Humanities - Understand and apply information related to the nature and variety of the human experience through personal and cultural enrichment.

The general education requirements are met through class distribution requirements (successfully completing classes from restricted distribution lists). Please note that a course can be used in only one content area.

Course Distribution Requirements

Associate degree students must complete courses from each of six General Education content areas. The requirements vary, depending on which degree is being earned. The number of general education credit hours required for each degree is as follows.

Writing/Composition 3-4 credits 3-4 credits 3-4 credits
2nd Writing/Composition or Speech 3-4 credits 3 credits 3 credits
Mathematics 3-4 credits 3-4 credits 3-4 credits
Natural Sciences ¹ 7-8 credits 7-8 credits 3-4 credits
Social & Behavioral Science ² 6 credits 6 credits 3 credits
Arts and Humanities ³ 6 credits 6 credits 3 credits
General Education Electives to reach 30 credits 0-2 credits 0-2 credits N/A
Minimum 30 credits 30 credits 18 credits

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited U.S. college or university may request a waiver of the general education requirements from Student Records.

¹ Two courses in Natural Science including one with laboratory experience (from two disciplines)
² From two disciplines
³ From two disciplines

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