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Computer Requirements

You need at least a Pentium 4 PC or equivalent Mac computer to take online or blended classes. It should have a high-speed Internet connection, such as a DSL or cable connection, so you can watch the video lectures.

The computer should have up-to-date versions of the following web browsers:

It also should have up-to-date versions of the following software:

Computer Skills

To participate successfully in an online or blended class, you should be able to:

  • Perform basic word processing.
  • Use a web browser to visit websites and print web documents.
  • Use email to send and receive messages, reply to messages, cut and paste text between messages, open attachments, and attach files to messages.

If your computer skills aren’t at the level needed, WCC offers non-credit classes where you can get up to speed on everything from word processing to using the web.

Online Class Full?

We offer blended versions of many online classes. In most cases you just come to school once a week, and you gain the benefit of face-to-face discussions with your instructor and fellow students.

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Get Advising From Home

Save a trip to campus. Just fire up your computer webcam and microphone to talk to an advisor online.

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What Students Say About Online Classes

“When I took an online class for the first time I was amazed at how organized it was. It was so easy to navigate and provided me with all the links and tools I needed to complete my course.”

—Mary Beth H., 30

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