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WCC offers both Certificates and Associate Degrees.

College policy is to phase out discontinued programs over a period of three years. Students following programs that were discontinued are urged to see a program advisor to determine whether it is possible to complete their programs or, if it is necessary, to change to a new program. Students will be advised on making course substitutions and, if necessary, on selecting a new program.

Associate Degrees

Washtenaw Community College offers three associate degrees that are assigned based on an area of study's primary purpose, and the minimum level of prescribed general education requirements. The degree title and specific program title will appear on the diploma. The degrees and their purposes are as follows:

  • Associate in Arts (AA)

    The Associate in Arts is a transfer degree, used primarily by humanities and social science programs. Additionally, some transfer programs in health, technology and business use the A.A. degree title. A.A. degrees require between sixty and sixty-three credit hours to complete.

  • Associate in Science (AS)

    The Associate in Science degree is primarily used by transfer programs that have significant math and science requirements. It requires a minimum of sixty credit hours.

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

    The Associate in Applied Science is the standard career-entry degree. It is used for programs that prepare students for careers in health, business and technology. Ranging between sixty and seventy-two credit hours, this degree has dual use for some programs that are primarily career-entry but also have articulation agreements with specific bachelor's degree programs.


The College offers four types of certificates that are designed to meet a variety of student needs ranging from preparation for entry-level jobs to advanced job skills for those who are already in the work force. Certificates also can form the foundation for an associate degree. The certificate titles and their purposes are as follows:

  • Certificate of Completion

    The Certificate of Completion is used for short-term programs covering a discrete body of skills and/or knowledge that is intended to prepare students for a specific entry-level occupation or basic literacy attainment. The Certificate of Completion can be credit or noncredit, but is limited to a maximum of eight credit hours.

  • Certificate (CF & CT)

    The Certificate is awarded for standard credit programs that normally take two semesters to complete and range from nine to thirty-six credit hours. Primarily used to prepare students for entry-level occupations, the certificate also may be used to prepare students for an advanced certificate. Certificates also may form the basis for an associate degree.

  • Advanced Certificate (CV)

    The Advanced Certificate is for students who are pursuing advanced study in an occupational area. These may be short term or longer programs that require completion of a certificate or equivalent industry experience for admission. Some advanced certificates prepare students for industry certification exams. The Advanced Certificate, ranging from nine to thirty-six credit hours, may be added to a Certificate to form the basis for an associate degree.

  • Post-Associate Certificate (CP)

    The Post-Associate Certificate is intended for students who are pursuing advanced study and/or formal certification in an occupational area. These programs may be from nine to thirty-six credit hours in length and require an associate degree or equivalent industry experience for admission to the program.

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—F. Robertson

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