3D Animation (APANIM)

Associate in Applied Science Degree


The Digital Animation program prepares students for entry-level positions in digital 3D modeling and animation for use in video, CD-ROM and DVD presentations, broadcast graphics, video game design, kiosks, print (still views), and the Web. Emphasis is on visual perception of 3D form and shape, volume/weight, surface mapping and lighting, basic 3D animation and motion graphic composition for video and internet ready applications.


Eastern Michigan University, BS degree.

Copies can be obtained from the Counseling Office, a program advisor, or from the Curriculum and Assessment Office Web site:

Admissions Requirements

High school Macintosh-based course, or GDT 105 with a "C" or better, or instructor permission.

Contact Information

Business/Computer Technologies
Digital Media Arts Dept
Randy Van Wagnen


(Items marked in orange are available online.)
First Semester
Class Title Credits
Elective(s) Math 3 - 4
ANI 145 Concept Development for Animation 2
ANI 150 3D Animation I: Modeling 4
ART 111 Basic Drawing I 4
COM 101 Fundamentals of Speaking 3
Total 16 - 17
Second Semester
Class Title Credits
ANI 155 Textures and Studio Lighting for Animation 4
ANI 160 Fundamentals of Movement and Animation 4
ART 127 Life Drawing I 4
GDT 108 Photoshop Graphics 3
Total 15
Third Semester
Class Title Credits
Elective(s) Computer and Information Literacy 3
Elective(s) Arts and Humanities 3
GDT 106 Illustrator Graphics 3
Total 9
Fourth Semester
Class Title Credits
Elective(s) Natural Sciences 3 - 4
ANI 230 Motion and Sound 2
ANI 250 3D Animation II 4
ENG 107 or Technical Writing I
ENG 111 Composition I 3 - 4
Total 12 - 14
Fifth Semester
Class Title Credits
Elective(s) Social and Behavioral Science 3
ANI 260 3D Animation III 4
VID 276 Video Graphics I 3
Total 10
Total Credits Required
62 - 65

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