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Child Care Professional (APCCP)

Associate in Applied Science Degree


Completion of the Child Care Professional Associate in Applied Science degree qualifies students to be a director or lead teacher at a child care center in the State of Michigan. The program is the last level in a three-tier training program for adults who work with children under twelve in group settings.


Ferris State University, BS degree;
Madonna University, BS degree;
Siena Heights, BA degree;
University of Michigan-Dearborn, BGS degree.

Copies can be obtained from the Counseling Office, a program advisor, or from the Curriculum and Assessment Office Web site: www.wccnet.edu/curriculum/articulation/levelone/colleges.

Admissions Requirements

Academic Reading and Writing Levels of 6 are required in the courses of this program.

Continuing Eligibility

Students who wish to enroll in child care practicum courses: CCP 132 or CCP 133 must be employed a minimum of 8 hours for 15 weeks for each credit of practicum. Permission is required to enroll in any CCP practicum course. Permission can be granted only after the student has submitted a Work Place Learning Agreement, Student Agreement and an Employer Agreement.

Contact Information

Adv Tech/Public Serv Careers
Public Services Careers Dept
Sally Adler


(Items marked in orange are available online.)
First Semester
Class Title Minimum Credits
CCP 122 Essentials of Early Care and Education - I 4
CCP 132 Child Development Practicum I 1
CIS 100 Introduction to Computer Productivity Apps 3
ENG 111 Composition I 4
HSC 131 CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid 1
Total 13
Second Semester
Class Title Minimum Credits
Elective(s) Social and Behavioral Science** 3
CCP 101 Child Development * 3
CCP 123 Essentials of Early Care and Education - II 4
CCP 133 Child Development Practicum II 1
COM 101 Fundamentals of Speaking 3
Total 14
Third Semester
Class Title Minimum Credits
CCP 113 Health, Safety and Nutrition for Child Care 3
CCP 210 Child Guidance and Classroom Management 3
CCP 251 Education of the Young Child with Exceptionalities 3
MTH 148 Functional Math for Elementary Teachers I 4
Total 13
Fourth Semester
Class Title Minimum Credits
Elective(s) Natural Sciences*** 3 - 4
CCP 160 Foundations of Child Care and Early Education 3
CCP 200 Working with Families in a Diverse Society 3
CCP 209 Curriculum for Young Children 3
Total 12 - 13
Fifth Semester
Class Title Minimum Credits
Any 100-level or above course (suggested courses include CCP 211 or CCP 220) 2
CCP 218 Advanced Child Care Seminar 1
CCP 219 Advanced Child Care Practicum 2
ENG 240 or Children's Literature
ENG 242 Multicultural Literature for Youth **** 3
Total 8
Total Credits Required
60 - 61


*CCP 101 must be taken before or concurrently with any other CCP course.
**Students are encouraged to select PSY 100 or SOC 100 for their social science elective.
***The following courses are recommended for the Natural Science Elective: AST 111, BIO 101, GLG 100, GLG 104, or SCI 101
****Transfer students should consider a course from the EMU Diverse World Requirement List

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