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Culinary and Hospitality Management (APCULD)

Associate in Applied Science Degree

This program has been replaced by Culinary Arts and Management Associate in Applied Science Degree (APCULA). Students currently enrolled need to complete it by the end of the Spring/Summer 2021 semester.

If you have questions about this program please contact a program advisor or contact a general student advisor.


This program prepares students for a career as a professional culinarian in a restaurant, hospitality, or institutional setting. Culinary Arts professionals have a variety of responsibilities that may include supervising and coordinating the activities of food service workers or dining room employees, planning menus, estimating daily or weekly needs, ordering and maintaining inventories of supplies and equipment, and keeping records of meals served. The program also provides a foundation for continued culinary arts studies at a four-year college and for chef certification through the American Culinary Federation (ACF).


The Art Institute of Michigan, Bachelor degree;
Eastern Michigan University, several BS degrees.

Copies can be obtained from the Counseling Office, a program advisor, or from the Curriculum and Assessment Office Web site: www.wccnet.edu/curriculum/articulation/levelone/colleges.

Contact Information

Business/Computer Technologies
Culinary and Hospitality Mgt
Carol Deinzer
Terri Herrera


(Items marked in orange are available online.)
Major/Area Requirements
Class Title Minimum Credits
CUL 100 Introduction to Culinary Arts Industry 3
CUL 110 Sanitation and Hygiene ** 3
CUL 114 Baking I 3
CUL 115 or Pastry I
CUL 124 Baking II 3
CUL 118 Principles of Nutrition 3
CUL 120 Culinary Skills 3
CUL 121 Introduction to Food Preparation Techniques 3
CUL 150 Food Service Management 3
CUL 151 Food Service Marketing 3
CUL 174 CUL Co-op Education I *** 2 - 3
CUL 210 Gardemanger 3
CUL 220 Organization/Management of Food Systems 3
CUL 224 Principles of Cost Controls 3
CUL 227 Advanced Culinary Techniques 2
CUL 228 Layout and Equipment 3
CUL 230 Quantity Food Production 3
CUL 231 A La Carte Kitchen 3
CUL 250 Principles of Beverage Service 3
Total 52 - 53
General Education Requirements
Class Title Minimum Credits
Elective(s) Writing 3 - 4
Elective(s) Speech 3
MTH 125 Everyday College Math 4
Elective(s) Natural Sciences 3 - 4
Elective(s) Social and Behavioral Science 3
Elective(s) Computer and Information Literacy 3
Students who earn a certificate prior to entering the degree program need to select at least 3 credits in each of the General Education requirement areas. 0
Total 19 - 21
Total Credits Required
71 - 74


**CUL 110 must be taken as a co-requisite with any of the lab classes: CUL 114, CUL 115, CUL 120, CUL 121.
***Students who earn a certificate in Hospitality Management prior to entering the degree program, do not need to take CUL 174. Students who earn a certificate in Baking and Pastry, need to take CUL 174 as a one credit course. Students who earn a certificate in Culinary Arts, need to take CUL 174 as a two credit course.

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