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Nursing Transfer (EMU School of Nursing) (APNURE)

Associate in Applied Science Degree


This WCC honors program prepares students for a smooth transition into the third and fourth years of Eastern Michigan University's School of Nursing (EMU-SoN) BSN program. Individuals will receive a solid science foundation and begin taking nursing courses during the first two years at WCC. Students will not be eligible for registered nurse (RN) licensure until completion of the EMU-SoN program. WCC students will graduate with an Associate in Applied Science Degree.


Eastern Michigan University, BSN degree.

Copies of articulation agreements can be obtained from the Counseling Office, a program advisor, or from the Curriculum and Assessment Office Web site:

Admissions Requirements

Washtenaw Community College uses a competitive admission process for high demand programs in health care. There are multiple requirements that must be completed prior to submitting an application for admission. For detailed information regarding admission to this health care program, please visit our Welcome to Health Care home page at: health.wccnet.edu/

Contact Information

Health Sciences
Nursing and Health Dept
Susan Travis (Pre-Admission Advisor)
Deanna Gapp (Post-Admission Advisor)
Mary Burns-Coral (Nursing Department Chair/Program Director)


(Items marked in orange are available online.)
Semester 1 (Fall)
Class Title Minimum Credits
BIO 111 Anatomy and Physiology - Normal Structure and Function 5
CIS 100 or Introduction to Computer Productivity Apps
CIS 110 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3
ENG 111 Composition I 4
NUR 122 Nursing as a Societal and Interpersonal Profession 4
Total 16
Semester 2 (Winter)
Class Title Minimum Credits
BIO 237 Microbiology 4
CEM 105 Fundamentals of Chemistry 4
HSC 147 Growth and Development 3
NUR 130 Health Promotion and Risk Reduction 4
(Need CNA certification before taking NUR 102/NUR 106) 0
Total 15
Semester 3 (Spring/Summer)
Class Title Minimum Credits
BIO 212 Pathophysiology: Alterations in Structure and Function 4
ENG 226 Composition II 3
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 3
Total 10
Semester 4 (Fall)
Class Title Minimum Credits
CEM 140 Organic Biochemistry 4
MTH 160 Basic Statistics 4
Elective(s) Speech 3
NUR 115 Pharmacology 3
Total 14
Semester 5 (Winter)
Class Title Minimum Credits
Take a 2nd Course from the PSY discipline 3
NUR 102 Fundamentals of Nursing 2
NUR 106 Fundamentals of Nursing - Lab and Clinical Practice 4
NUR 222 Health Assessment Throughout the Lifespan 4
Total 13
Semester 6 (Spring/Summer)
Class Title Minimum Credits
ANT 201 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology * 3
PHL 244 Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care 3
Select one of the following Humanities courses: ART 143, ART 150, COM 225, DAN 180, ENG 181, ENG 213, ENG 214, ENG 224, HUM 150, HUM 170, HUM 175 * 3
Total 9
Total Credits Required


*Optional for receiving the MACRAO stamp prior to transfer

See WCC-EMU articulation agreement for a description of the additional credit hours that can be taken at WCC.

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