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Nursing, Registered (APNURS)

Associate in Applied Science Degree


This program prepares students for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) and for challenging and exciting jobs in all settings of health care, from the hospital to home care. Students will gain proficiency in technical aspects of nursing care, such as medication administration, treatments and procedures, and use of medical technology, and they will receive personal satisfaction from their ability to make a difference in someone's life and health. Students will also earn credits that transfer to area RN-BSN completion programs.

The Registered Nursing program has both a high number of interested and qualified applicants and a limited number of spaces. As such, this program moves students through a process of application, admission, waitlist, and finally program initiation.

For more detailed information regarding the health care programs at WCC, please visit our "Welcome to Health Care" home page at www4.wccnet.edu/departments/health


Eastern Michigan University, BSN degree;
Kaplan University, BS degree;
University of Michigan - Flint, BSN degree.

Copies can be obtained from the Counseling Office, a program advisor, or from the Curriculum and Assessment Office Web site: www.wccnet.edu/curriculum/articulation/levelone/colleges.

Admissions Requirements

Student applications are reviewed on a regular basis. Upon acceptance of the application, the student will be placed on the Nursing program waitlist. Students are encouraged to complete required general education courses and other non-nursing courses while on the waitlist until they are notified of their program start date. Minimally, students are required to complete semester one courses before proceeding into the formal nursing program, which begins with their second nursing course semester.

Program Initiation:
Each year approximately 80 students move from the waitlist to the formal program initiation. Students are taken from the waitlist in the order in which they were admitted, with priority given to Washtenaw County residents. Following the completion of the fifteen credits of general education and required support courses, students will begin their formal nursing program. This will consist of four (4) semesters during each of which they will take a minimum of twelve (12) occupationally specific credit hours for a total of 47 occupationally specific credit hours.

Applying for Admission to the Program

A formal application to the program is required. Application packets may be downloaded from the WCC Web site. Download the Registered Nursing program application packet: www4.wccnet.edu/departments/health/. Completed and signed applications must be delivered to the Health Admissions Technician at the Student Connection, located on the second floor of the Student Center Building. Students will be given information about how to prepare and complete the preadmission test, Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS, at this time. An application to the Nursing program will not be accepted until all admission requirements are met.

Requirements for application are:
-Academic Math Level of 3, MTH 160, MTH 167, MTH 169 or any math level 4 or higher course
-HSC 101 with a minimum grade of "B-" (2.7 on a 4.0 scale)
-BIO 111 with a minimum grade of "B-" (2.7 on a 4.0 scale)
-Current or expired Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) state certification
-Minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.7. Only transcripts that provide an admission requirement course will be used in calculation of the cumulative GPA. If a transcript is submitted for an admission requirement course, the cumulative transcript GPA will be used in a weighted calculation of the cumulative GPA requirement.
-Student declaring that she/he has the specific physical and cognitive abilities detailed in the nursing admission packet. WCC reserves the right to request, before or during the program, that students successfully demonstrate the specific physical and cognitive abilities related to the Nursing program.
-Students receiving an acceptable criminal background check for purposes of identifying a student who could not continue in the program due to a felony conviction (within the last 15 years) or misdemeanor conviction against a vulnerable adult or child (within the last 10 years). Any cost, if indicated, for these checks or for subsequent fingerprinting, is the responsibility of the student.
-Demonstrate proficiency in the English language
-Declaration of residency status (note that Washtenaw County residents are given priority in program initiation).
-Pass the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) by achieving the following minimum scores based on the current TEAS version. www4.wccnet.edu/departments/health/nursing/teas.php

Individuals who plan on applying to WCC's - Associate Degree Program in Registered Nursing will need to complete the ATI-TEAS Version V (5.0) test. The stated minimum scores are required for admission to the program:

Math proficiency - 60 percent or higher
Reading proficiency - 70 percent or higher
English proficiency - 60 percent or higher
Science proficiency - 45 percent or higher

If repeated TEAS test attempts are needed to meet required scores, the highest subject score from each attempt will be applied towards admission requirements. Students are allowed an unlimited number of attempts.

Continuing Eligibility

-Program courses are sequential and complemented with appropriate support courses. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better for support courses and "C+" or better in nursing courses.
-Students are required to adhere to rules of the Nursing Code of Ethics published in the Nursing Program Student Handbook.
-Students are required to have additional criminal background checks and/or fingerprinting prior to the start of a clinical sequence as requested by specific clinical facilities. Failure to receive an acceptable criminal background/fingerprinting check at any time, will result in dismissal from the nursing program.
-Students should be aware that the Michigan Board of Nursing may deny a license to an applicant who has been convicted of a crime or is addicted to drugs or alcohol.
-Students in the Nursing program will be required to purchase special uniforms and supplies throughout the duration of the program.
-Students are required to submit health records annually while in the program between May 1 and July 25.

Contact Information

Math, Science & Health
Nursing and Health Dept
Susan Travis


(Items marked in orange are available online.)
Major/Area Requirements
Class Title Minimum Credits
BIO 111 Anatomy and Physiology - Normal Structure and Function 5
HSC 101 Healthcare Terminology 1
Current C.N.A. certification 0
BIO 111 and HSC 101 are taken prior to admission to the program. Please see "Applying for Admission to the Program." 0
Total 6
First Semester
Class Title Minimum Credits
ENG 111 Composition I * 4
COM 101 or Fundamentals of Speaking *
COM 102 or Interpersonal Communication *
COM 200 Family Communication * 3
MTH 167 Math Applications for Health Science * 3
BIO 147 Hospital Microbiology ** 1
BIO 212 Pathophysiology: Alterations in Structure and Function * 4
Total 15
Second Semester
Class Title Minimum Credits
HSC 147 Growth and Development * 3
NUR 102 Fundamentals of Nursing 2
NUR 106 Fundamentals of Nursing - Lab and Clinical Practice 4
NUR 115 Pharmacology 3
Total 12
Third Semester
Class Title Minimum Credits
HSC 138 General and Therapeutic Nutrition * 2
NUR 123 Medical-Surgical Nursing I 3
NUR 124 Medical-Surgical Nursing I - Clinical Practice 2
NUR 131 Nursing of the Childbearing Family 3
NUR 132 Nursing of the Childbearing Family - Clinical Practice 2
Total 12
Fourth Semester
Class Title Minimum Credits
NUR 223 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 3
NUR 224 Medical-Surgical Nursing II - Clinical Practice 2
NUR 255 Mental Health Nursing 3
NUR 256 Mental Health Nursing - Clinical Practice 2
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology * 3
Total 13
Fifth Semester
Class Title Minimum Credits
NUR 231 Nursing of Children 3
NUR 232 Nursing of Children - Clinical Practice 2
NUR 283 Medical-Surgical Nursing III 3
NUR 284 Medical-Surgical Nursing III - Clinical Practice 3
PHL 244 Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care * 3
Total 14
Total Credits Required


*Courses noted may be taken while on the Nursing program waitlist, but not later than the scheduled semester.
**If you are planning to pursue a BSN degree, it is strongly recommended that you take BIO 237 Microbiology, in place of BIO 147.
BIO 147 will not transfer to a four-year university.

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