Welding (APWLDT)

Associate in Applied Science Degree


Some employers require or prefer employees to have an associate degree as a condition for employment or for advancement. Students can earn an AAS in Welding by completing the requirements listed below.


Eastern Michigan University, several BS degrees;
Pennsylvania College of Technology, BS degree.

Copies can be obtained from the Counseling Office, a program advisor, or from the Curriculum and Assessment Office Web site:

Contact Information

Vocational Technologies
Welding and Fabrication Dept
Bradley Hoth
Glenn Kay II
Coley McLean


(Items marked in orange are available online.)
Major/Area Requirements
Class Title Credits
Complete the Welding Certificate (21 credits). 0
WAF 105 Welding for Art and Engineering 2
WAF 106 Blueprint Reading for Welders 3
WAF 111 Welding I Oxy-Acetylene 4
WAF 112 Welding II Basic ARC 4
WAF 123 Welding III Advanced Oxy-Acetylene (OAW) 4
WAF 124 Welding IV Advanced ARC (SMAW) 4
Complete the Welding Mechanics Advanced Certificate (24 credits). 0
WAF 200 Layout Theory Welding 3
WAF 210 Welding Metallurgy 3
WAF 215 Welding V Advanced GTAW and GMAW 4
WAF 226 Specialized Welding Procedures 4
WAF 227 Basic Fabrication 3
WAF 229 Shape Cutting Operations 3
WAF 289 MIG Welding 4
Total 45
General Education Requirements
Class Title Credits
Elective(s) Writing 3 - 4
Elective(s) Speech 3
Elective(s)* Math 3 - 4
Elective(s) Natural Sciences 3 - 4
Elective(s) Social and Behavioral Science 3
Elective(s) Arts and Humanities 3
Elective(s) Computer and Information Literacy 3
*MTH 157 is recommended. 0
Total 21 - 24
Total Credits Required
66 - 69

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