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Free College Day

Free College Day

Saturday, April 6

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  • 9:30am — 10:30am Free College Day Classes +
  • Title Description Presenter Status
    Clinical Psychology: An Introduction View Elise Sampson OPEN
    Everyday Uses for Essential Oils View Michelle Malloch OPEN
    Learn a Little, Save a Lot! Keep Your HVAC Systems in Tip-Top Shape! View Robert Carter CLOSED
    Market Research for Business View Amy J. Lee CLOSED
    Nursing Simulation View Benjamin Morhan CLOSED
    Our Campus Trees View Donna Reincke OPEN
    PLCs: The Logic Behind the Magic View Dale Petty OPEN
    Stay Safe: Preventing Identity Theft View Mark Munzenberger CLOSED
    STEM Lab Backstage Pass View Susan Dental, Eric Schwab, Tracy Schwab OPEN
    The Art of Zentangle View Jane Reiter CLOSED
  • 11:00am — 12:00pm Free College Day Classes +
  • Title Description Presenter Status
    Building the Customer Experience View Edward Ching OPEN
    Cool Chemistry and Eat Your DNA, Too! View Susan Dental, Eric Schwab, Tracy Schwab CLOSED
    Exercise Innovation View Marvin Boluyt CLOSED
    Life's a Pitch and then you Buy! View Bonnie Tew and Claire Sparklin OPEN
    Michigan's Premier Craft Beer Industry: How to Enjoy Their Brew with Food and Friends View Roger Brideau OPEN
    Modern Dance Experience View Noonie Anderson OPEN
    Technology for Student Success View Lauren Reed OPEN
    The Furnace: Components and Sequence of Operation View Brian Martindale OPEN
    What Do You Know About Audio Technology? View Jonas Berzanskis OPEN
    What's Hiding in Your Mouth and on Your Hands? View Amanda Cadreau OPEN
    Yes, Your Car Can be Hacked! View Mike Galea and Cyndi Millns OPEN
  • 12:30pm — 1:30pm Free College Day Classes +
  • Title Description Presenter Status
    A Short History of Fake News View Dr. David Fitzpatrick OPEN
    Aviation History: A Local Connection View Heide Otto OPEN
    Cells, the Smallest Living Unit View Wanda Gunderson OPEN
    Computer Networking Essentials View William Reichert CLOSED
    How to Start a Small Food Business View Gretchen Kopmanis CLOSED
    Manufacturing in the Future View Tom Penird CLOSED
    Opioids: Physiological and Psychological Tolerance Matter View Anne Garcia OPEN
    Stay Calm and EXPLORE Surgery! View Elizabeth Connors and Kathryn Hernandez CLOSED
    Understanding Your Procrastination Tendencies View Danielle Joye OPEN

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