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Thursday, October 11, 2012 3 items

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noon–1:30pm jobs

Interview Skills Workshops

WCC Main Campus, SC 287

These workshops are designed to take the jitters out of the interview process. An 
interview is a structured conversation with a specific purpose. It gives you the opportunity to convince an employer to hire you. Learn how to prepare for an interview, how to research companies and how to successfully interview using appropriate skills and behaviors.

noon–4:00pm academics

Eastern Michigan University Visitation

WCC Main Campus, SC second floor

A representative will be on campus to provide information and answer questions for students interested in transferring to Eastern Michigan University.

noon–6:00pm student activities

Fall Blood Drive

WCC Main Campus, Student Community Room, first floor of Student Center

Without willing donors, the American Red Cross could not meet the blood needs of Southeastern Michigan hospitals. We encourage donors to sign up in advance on the Red Cross website. Walk-ins are also welcome, but appointments are given priority.

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