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Tuesday, April 9, 2013 3 items

Today's Items
10:00am–4:00pm student activities

Blood Drive

2 day event
WCC Main Campus, SC Community Room

You are somone's type! Tap a vein and save a life.

10:30am–12:30pm other events

Public Benefits Advocacy Project

WCC Main Campus, SC 1st floor

Want help applying for food assistance? Have questions about your current benefits?

Come meet with volunteers from the University of Michigan Law School's Public Benefits Advocacy Project (PBAP). PBAP is comprised of law student volunteers who have been trained to help individuals and families complete their food assistance applications. They will also be able to help answer questions regarding problems you might be experiencing with your benefits.

This event is free and open to everyone.

1:00pm–2:30pm jobs

Interview Skills Workshops

WCC Main Campus, ML 128

These workshops are designed to take the jitters out of the interview process.  An interview is a structured conversation with a specific purpose. It gives you the opportunity to convince an employer to hire you.  Learn how to prepare for an interview, how to research companies and how to successfully interview using appropriate skills and behaviors.

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