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Tuesday, January 29, 2019 5 items

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other events Announcement

The college will be closed this evening and Wed, Jan 30. College offices will close at 5pm today and classes beginning at 5pm or later are cancelled.

finances Announcement

Health & Fitness Center remains open. Check their website for Wed hours.

other events Announcement

WCC main campus, Brighton and Hartland extension centers will be closed on Wed, Jan 30 and Thurs, Jan 31. The Health and Fitness Center hours for Wed, Jan 30 are 10am to 6pm.

11:00am–1:00pm academics

Grand Canyon University Visit

WCC Main Campus, SC first floor

A representative will be on campus to provide information and answer questions for students interested in transferring.

3:30pm–5:30pm academics

How To Price and Exhibit Your Art

WCC Main Campus, GM 320

Get Ready for the Student Art Show! DISCUSS HOWTO PRICE AND EXHIBIT YOUR ART with Valerie Mann, professional artist and gallery co-owner Sandra Xenakis, Art Meets Business Director.

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