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Articulation with High Schools through Tech Prep

Tech Prep is a national educational reform that began in 1990 through the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Act. The goal of Tech Prep is to prepare students for technical and skill-based education through technology training.

Tech Prep provides students with the foundation and context for connecting academics and careers. The process begins in secondary schools, and continues through the first two years of post-secondary education. It aims to produce successful students in academics and careers.

Tech Prep is WCC's linkage to has among secondary education, workforce development, and economic development.

Why Tech Prep at WCC?

  • Tech Prep provides a smooth transition from high school to college to promising careers.
  • Tech Prep students shape the classroom setting. They are focused, motivated, and have the foundation for learning technical skills.
  • It increases academic and skill achievement at the post- secondary level.
  • Tech Prep serves the community by producing a high quality workforce, by making education more affordable, and by filling classrooms with motivated students

WCC has Tech Prep articulation agreements with high schools through three key partnerships, and a number of individual high schools.

File NameFile SizeLast Updated
All Michigan Statewide Agreement 2017-2018 through 2019-2020375.36 KB04/12/2018
All Michigan Statewide Agreement120.99 KB07/15/2015
All Statewide 14-15 thru 16-17466.5 KB10/06/2016
Ann Arbor Agreement 17-18 through 19-20382.95 KB11/30/2018
Ann Arbor Public Schools 2014-15 thru 2016-179.89 MB10/28/2015
BAISD 17-18 through 19-20443.84 KB11/30/2018
Bay-Arenac ISD 2014-15 thru 2016-1710.61 MB11/19/2015
Bay-Arenac ISD 2017-2018 through 2019-2020388.9 KB04/12/2018
Bedford 17-18 through 19-20443.5 KB11/30/2018
Bedford Senior HS 17-18 through 19-20427.79 KB12/20/2017
Bedford Senior HS 2014-15 through 2016-1710.95 MB12/04/2015
Belleville 17-18 through 19-20399.6 KB11/30/2018
Belleville High School 2014-15 thru 2016-1710.88 MB11/18/2015
Berry in Dearborn 17-18 through 19-20388.95 KB11/30/2018
Branch Intermediate School District 2010-2011257.34 KB12/03/2010
Capital Area 17-18 through 19-201.03 MB04/04/2019
Capital Area Career Center 2014-15 thru 2016-179.57 MB11/19/2015
Careerline Technical Center 17-18 through 19-20398.39 KB11/30/2018
Careerline Technical Center 2014-15 thru 2016-179.18 MB10/26/2015
Downriver Agreement 17-18 through 19-20390.96 KB11/30/2018
Downriver Career Technical Consortium 2013-2015213.09 KB04/14/2014
Flat Rock 17-18 through 19-20391.7 KB11/30/2018
Flat Rock Community HS 2014-15 thru 2016-179.52 MB11/25/2015
GASC Technology Center 17-18 through 19-20387.44 KB11/30/2018
GASC Technology Center 2012-2014151.59 KB01/16/2013
Garden City HS 2012-2014155.76 KB06/12/2014
Garden City High School 17-18 through 19-20390.39 KB11/30/2018
Genesee Career Institute 17-18 through 19-20387.47 KB11/28/2017
Genessee Career Institute 2014-15 thru 2016-171.13 MB11/18/2015
Golightly 17-18 through 19-20385.97 KB11/30/2018
Golightly Career Center DPS 2014-20179.36 MB03/24/2016
Hillsdale 17-18 through 19-20428.04 KB11/30/2018
Hillsdale ISD 2014-15 thru 2016-1711.08 MB10/28/2015
Huron School District 2014-15 thru 2016-1711.03 MB11/18/2015
JACC 17-18 through 19-20629.64 KB05/21/2019
Jackson Area Career Center 2014-15 thru 2016-179.44 MB10/28/2015
Kalamazoo Regional Educ Svc Agency 2009-2010243.9 KB11/04/2009
LESA Agreement 17-18 through 19-20895.33 KB05/28/2019
LISD 17-18 through 19-20412.98 KB11/30/2018
Lenawee ISD 17-18 through 19-20408.69 KB12/20/2017
Lenawee ISD 2014-15 thru 2016-179.95 MB11/14/2016
Livingston ESA 2014-15 thru 2016-179.98 MB11/19/2015
Livingston ESA Agreement 17-18 through 19-20895.33 KB05/28/2019
Manchester HS 2011-2012143.06 KB10/25/2011
Michael Berry Career Center 2014-15 thru 2016-179.42 MB10/28/2015
Oakland Schools Technical Center SW 2010-2011120.92 KB12/14/2010
Plymouth-Canton 17-18 through 19-20402.64 KB11/30/2018
Plymouth-Canton 2014-15 thru 2016-179.87 MB10/28/2015
Randolph Career & Technical Center 17-18 through 19-20405.78 KB12/20/2017
Randolph Career and Technical Center 2014-20178.25 MB03/24/2016
Regional Career Technical Center 2012-2014315.56 KB02/06/2013
Romulus Senior HS 2014-15 thru 2016-179.99 MB11/18/2015
South & West Washtenaw Consortium 17-18 through 19-20685.37 KB08/05/2019
South & West Washtenaw Consortium 2014-15 thru 2016-1711.2 MB10/28/2015
Taylor Career Center 2010-2011408.7 KB12/06/2010
Thumbs102 KB09/04/2013
Traverse Bay ISD 2014-15 thru 2016-179.59 MB11/18/2015
Washtenaw ISD Ann Arbor Public Schools 2014-15 thru 2016-179.89 MB10/28/2015
Washtenaw ISD South & West Consortium 14-15 through 16-17 revised551.41 KB05/03/2016
Whiteford HS 2010-2011293.56 KB12/09/2010
Whitmore Lake HS 2014-15 thru 2016-179.17 MB11/19/2015
Whitmore Lake High School 17-18 through 19-20454.62 KB11/30/2018
William D Ford Career Center 2014-15 thru 2016-171.15 MB11/18/2015
Wilson Talent Center - Ingam ISD 17-18 through 19-201.03 MB04/04/2019
WmDFord Agreement 17-18 through 19-20631.12 KB05/16/2019
Ypsilanti Community Schools Agreement 17-18 through 18-20 revised252.23 KB12/20/2017

Articulation is the process of communication between WCC and other educational institutions such as high schools, colleges, and universities. The purpose of this type of communication is to ensure that students have a smooth transition from one institution to another in their educational careers. The product of articulation is an agreement that specifies that programs at one institution are accepted by another institution without loss of credit for the student.

Articulation with Colleges and Universities

A list of colleges and universities with which Washtenaw Community College has articulation agreements.

Articulation with High Schools through Tech Prep

A list of high schools with which Washtenaw Community College has articulation agreements.

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