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The forms listed below have been created by the Office of Curriculum & Assessment for faculty curriculum development purposes. They are updated routinely at this site to ensure that the most up-to-date versions are available for faculty usage. We strongly recommend that these documents be downloaded from the Web each time they are needed to avoid the use of outdated forms.

Completed forms should be submitted to the Office of Curriculum & Assessment in SC 247.

File NameFile SizeLast Updated
Developing an Assessment Plan34 KB01/18/2005
General Ed Assessment Planning Form46.5 KB07/27/2012
General Ed Assessment Report Form77 KB07/27/2012
Program Assessment Planning Form36.5 KB10/13/2017
Program Assessment Report rev81.5 KB10/23/2018
rubric templates27.18 KB05/03/2016
File NameFile SizeLast Updated
Creating a Program Guidelines34.5 KB10/16/2006
Creating-Changing a Course Guidelines41.5 KB10/16/2006
Curriculum Office Log84.58 KB03/24/2018
Master Syllabus Guidelines36 KB08/26/2005
Program Change or Discontinuation Form48.5 KB10/23/2018
Program Proposal Form57.5 KB10/23/2018
Special Projects Contract42.5 KB10/19/2009

Due Dates, Forms & processes


Current Curriculum Development and Update, Class Schedule and Book Due Dates information is available in a downloadable document - Schedule of deadlines.


A list of course and program forms available for download, to be completed, and returned to the Curriculum and Assessment Office.


Descriptions of the program and course approval process along with helpful checklists for completing related materials.

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