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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at the Curriculum and Assessment Office. If you do not find the answer to your question, you can contact us. Please select either Curriculum or Assessment for related questions and answers.

  1. I've never done assessment before. Where do I start?
    First check with your department chair to find out what responsibility you have for assessment in your area. Then, if you are responsible for implementing assessment for a course or program, start by reading through the information on this website, especially the link Steps to Developing an Assessment Plan. Then complete the Assessment Planning Form for the course or program. Members of the Assessment Steering Committee are always available to help with the process.
  2. How do I find out what the current assessment plan/results are for my course or program?
    Your department chair should have the most recent copies of any plans or results that have been submitted.
  3. Who is responsible for doing assessment in my area?
    All faculty departments are responsible for implementing assessment activities in their areas (see Assessment Responsibility). Department chairs determine individual assignments for overseeing course and program assessment, but all faculty are expected to participate in the assessment process as appropriate.
  4. Where do I submit assessment-related forms?
    All forms should be submitted to the Curriculum and Assessment Office, Student Center Building, Room 247. Copies will be forwarded to the Assessment Steering Committee for review.
  5. How do we report our data and assessment results?
    Data and assessment results should be reported using the Course Assessment Report Form, the Program Assessment Report Form, or the General Education Assessment Report Form. Please remember to attach the data and any scoring rubrics that were used.
  6. When must I submit my assessment plans or results?
    All new courses or programs submitted to the Curriculum Committee for approval should include a detailed assessment plan. Existing courses/programs that have no plans should be addressed immediately. Results for course assessment should be reported at least each time a master syllabus is submitted to Curriculum Committee for changes or for a five-year review. Program results should be reported every five years. However, any time assessment activity occurs, please document results and submit them to the Curriculum and Assessment Office.
  7. How long must we keep our assessment data?
    Because assessment data is an important part of the ten-year reaccreditation process, please keep your data until the completion of the next NCA comprehensive visit in Fall 2009.
  8. What should I do if my department needs help with assessment?
    Contact anyone on the Assessment Steering Committee or your department's assessment liaison. Members of the Assessment Steering Committee are always available to meet with departments or faculty to create or improve assessment plans or analyze data. Funds are also available on a limited basis to assist departments in starting new assessment initiatives.
  9. I teach in an area that does not involve any courses that meet the general education requirements. Do I still participate in general education assessment?
    Possibly. In most cases, general education assessment is administered in courses meeting the general education requirements. Sometimes, however, institutional administrations of a general education instrument (in particular, critical thinking) may take place in courses across the curriculum. In this case, you may be asked to administer an assessment tool in your class, even if that course is not one of those meeting the gen ed requirement.
  10. How often do courses, programs, and the general education areas have to be assessed?
    Assessment occurs on the schedule outlined in Course, Program and General Education Assessment. Courses should be assessed on the same cycle as that for the five-year master syllabus review. Thus, each course will be assessed at least once every five years. Each time a master syllabus comes to Curriculum Committee for review (whether for a major/minor change or for the five-year review), it should be accompanied by the Course Assessment Report Form showing assessment activity and results. Programs should be assessed every five years. General education areas are assessed every other year.
  11. What forms must I fill out regarding assessment?
    To create a new or updated assessment plan for a course or program, complete the Assessment Planning Form. To report results for assessment of a course, complete the Course Assessment Report Form. To report results for assessment of a program, complete the Program Assessment Report Form. If you are responsible for reporting assessment results for a general education area, you should complete the General Education Assessment Report Form.

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