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File NameFile SizeLast Updated
CUL100. Introduction to Food Service and Hospitality Industry17.47 KB03/27/2013
CUL104. Baking Science307.59 KB02/12/2018
CUL110. Sanitation and Hygiene128.23 KB02/15/2017
CUL114. Fundamentals of Baking17.6 KB05/02/2011
CUL115. Fundamentals of Pastry18 KB03/27/2013
CUL116. Culinary Principles306.69 KB02/12/2018
CUL118. Culinary Nutrition310.76 KB02/14/2018
CUL120. Classical Kitchen311.29 KB02/14/2018
CUL121. Modern Kitchen311.01 KB02/14/2018
CUL124. Baking II951.17 KB09/08/2005
CUL125. Pastry II843.61 KB09/08/2005
CUL132. Cakes and Wedding Cake Design300.72 KB01/30/2018
CUL135. International Cuisine and Culture: A Study Abroad1009.36 KB04/06/2007
CUL141. Principles of Cost Control307.69 KB02/14/2018
CUL145. Dining Room Service309.31 KB02/14/2018
CUL150. Management and Supervision310.72 KB03/16/2018
CUL151. Food Service Marketing1.55 MB09/08/2005
CUL174. CUL Co-op Education I621.54 KB09/08/2005
CUL201. Chocolate Confections300.82 KB02/12/2018
CUL205. Sugar and Chocolate Showpieces300.14 KB01/30/2018
CUL206. Plated Desserts302.54 KB02/12/2018
CUL208. Menu Planning307.43 KB02/12/2018
CUL210. Garde Manger303.61 KB02/14/2018
CUL211. Artisan Breads307.91 KB01/30/2018
CUL215. Cake Decorating Techniques298.88 KB01/30/2018
CUL220. Organization/Management of Food Systems807.97 KB09/08/2005
CUL221. Culinary Purchasing92.15 KB03/16/2018
CUL224. Principles of Cost Control17.98 KB05/02/2013
CUL227. Advanced Culinary Techniques309.42 KB10/09/2009
CUL228. Layout and Equipment1.09 MB09/08/2005
CUL230. American Regional and Global Cuisines219.42 KB02/14/2018
CUL232. Hot and Cold Food Competitions296.98 KB01/30/2018
CUL233. Ice Carving302.36 KB02/14/2018
CUL234. Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine296.83 KB01/30/2018
CUL245. Beverage Management312.34 KB03/16/2018
CUL250. Principles of Beverage Service865.85 KB09/08/2005
CUL251. Wines of the World296.97 KB01/30/2018
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