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Syllabi: MUS

File NameFile SizeLast Updated
MUS 114.pdf12/31/1969
MUS104. Performance Workshop Ensemble18.64 KB10/31/2013
MUS105. Jazz Combo and Improvisation I17.24 KB02/09/2016
MUS106. Jazz Combo and Improvisation II17.18 KB02/09/2016
MUS112. Washtenaw Community Concert Band314.41 KB05/18/2010
MUS114. Fundamentals of Performance95.68 KB07/21/2017
MUS133. Beginning Guitar129.44 KB02/16/2017
MUS134. Intermediate Guitar302.64 KB03/26/2009
MUS135. Chorus718.08 KB09/08/2005
MUS136. Gospel Chorus16.61 KB04/25/2012
MUS140. Music Theory I129.66 KB12/05/2016
MUS142. Music Theory II127.93 KB12/05/2016
MUS146. Songwriting I152.48 KB01/06/2012
MUS147. Arts, Media and Entertainment Law16.56 KB03/18/2016
MUS154. Functional Piano I130.23 KB02/16/2017
MUS155. Functional Piano II129.9 KB02/16/2017
MUS165. Club DJ Mixing and Performance16.96 KB03/18/2013
MUS170. Introduction to Audio Technology16.88 KB03/18/2016
MUS175. Audio Recording Technology (Pro Tools Certification)304.47 KB02/05/2018
MUS180. Music Appreciation: Our Musical World17.64 KB10/30/2013
MUS185. Western Music History Survey187.63 KB06/09/2010
MUS204. Voice I306.05 KB09/27/2017
MUS205. Voice II1.11 MB06/14/2017
MUS209. Musical Theatre Song Performance308.23 KB09/27/2017
MUS210. Functional Piano I871.68 KB09/08/2005
MUS211. Functional Piano II779.88 KB09/08/2005
MUS214. Advanced Performance Art Ensemble220.28 KB10/10/2017
MUS216. Blues and Jazz Piano I752.87 KB09/08/2005
MUS217. Blues and Jazz Piano II731.43 KB09/08/2005
MUS223. WCC Jazz Orchestra II17.15 KB12/07/2011
MUS233. Beginning Guitar785.49 KB09/08/2005
MUS236. Intermediate Guitar1006.65 KB09/08/2005
MUS237. Finger-Style Blues and Slide Guitar270.67 KB10/09/2009
MUS239. Blues & Jazz for Guitar & Bass I130.55 KB02/13/2017
MUS240. Blues & Jazz for Guitar & Bass II130.95 KB02/13/2017
MUS241. Rock Guitar479.51 KB09/08/2005
MUS244. Rock Guitar: Tones and Techniques548.47 KB09/08/2005
MUS245. Composition and Arranging for Keyboard304.76 KB02/02/2018
MUS248. Introduction to Live Sound168.94 KB03/12/2019
MUS252. Classical Piano II712.42 KB09/08/2005
MUS271. Beginning Classical Guitar667.99 KB09/08/2005
MUS272. Intermediate Classical Guitar729.65 KB09/08/2005
MUS275. Advanced Audio Recording Technology303.2 KB02/02/2018
MUS280. Voice III - Classical Voice651.61 KB09/08/2005
MUS285. Self Management for Working Artists246.04 KB10/09/2009
MUS286. Music/Audio Project and Portfolio Production304.41 KB02/02/2018
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