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Syllabi: UAT

File NameFile SizeLast Updated
UAT110. UA/MCA Foreman Certification241.97 KB02/19/2008
UAT110C. Canadian Foreman Certification209.13 KB12/06/2010
UAT111. Introduction to Industrial Teacher Training1016.71 KB09/08/2005
UAT111A. Principles of Learning in Trade412.15 KB09/08/2005
UAT112. Jobsite Leadership in the 21st Century for the Piping Industry (UA 2013)303.05 KB05/02/2018
UAT113. Safe Bolting Practices (UA 2154)304.33 KB05/02/2018
UAT114. Safety Leadership (UA 2155)303.19 KB05/03/2018
UAT115. Emerging Safety Technology (UA 2156)302.22 KB05/03/2018
UAT116. Advanced Revit (UA 3026)303.43 KB05/03/2018
UAT117. Robotic Total Station Layout-Leica (UA 3032)305.38 KB05/03/2018
UAT118. Clamping, Reforming, and Pipe Aligning (UA 5023)303.67 KB05/03/2018
UAT121. Industrial Teacher Training II1.06 MB09/08/2005
UAT131. Industrial Teacher Training III1.1 MB09/08/2005
UAT141. Industrial Teacher Training IV1.12 MB09/08/2005
UAT151. Industrial Teacher Training V1.07 MB09/08/2005
UAT161. Technical Seminar669.23 KB09/08/2005
UAT161A. Technical Seminar189.14 KB06/26/2008
UAT161B. Technical Seminar179.18 KB06/26/2008
UAT171. Professional Seminar690.95 KB09/08/2005
UAT172. Utilizing UA Classroom Techniques (UA 3007)305.35 KB06/18/2018
UAT199. Operation of Destructive Cutting and Strap Bending Equipment for UA Weld Test (UA 8042)94.54 KB07/30/2018
UAT201. Advanced Instructor Training I4.05 MB09/08/2005
UAT202. Advanced Instructor Training II4.06 MB09/08/2005
UAT203. Advanced Instructor Training III4.05 MB09/08/2005
UAT204. Advanced Instructor Training IV4.08 MB09/08/2005
UAT205. Advanced Instructor Training V4.1 MB09/08/2005
UAT207. Using UA Resources232.43 KB02/19/2008
UAT210. Public Speaking236.51 KB02/19/2008
UAT211. Planning, Teaching and Assessing Effective Lessons-Beginning20.56 KB06/24/2015
UAT212. Planning, Teaching and Assessing Effective Lessons-Intermediate18.72 KB06/24/2015
UAT213. Planning and Presenting Lessons253.66 KB02/19/2008
UAT214. Techniques in Classroom Interaction232.24 KB02/19/2008
UAT215. Problem Solving in Trade Teaching238.52 KB02/19/2008
UAT219. Introductory ATR Training20.07 KB10/16/2015
UAT220. Pipe Trades Applied Mathematics19.09 KB10/16/2015
UAT221. Gas and Oil Burner Service17.14 KB04/04/2014
UAT222. Basic Computer for the Trade Teacher237.02 KB02/19/2008
UAT223. Centrifugal Water System Analysis19.47 KB04/04/2014
UAT224. OSHA for the Construction Industry225.18 KB02/19/2008
UAT225. Plumbing Fixtures17.01 KB04/04/2014
UAT226. PowerPoint for Instructors261.88 KB01/15/2010
UAT227. Geothermal Heat Pump Installation285.47 KB01/15/2010
UAT228. Online Teaching Techniques19.2 KB10/16/2015
UAT229. Introduction to Variable Frequency Drives251.78 KB02/28/2008
UAT230. 3D Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)18.89 KB10/16/2015
UAT231. UA Green Awareness Certification16.86 KB04/04/2014
UAT232. Drainage19.3 KB04/04/2014
UAT233. CAD for the Piping Trade221.94 KB02/19/2008
UAT233B. Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM)19.66 KB04/04/2014
UAT234. Online Recruiting and Promotion19.12 KB10/16/2015
UAT235. Power Piping241.99 KB02/19/2008
UAT236. Coyne First Aid for the Trades19.14 KB10/30/2015
UAT237. Geothermal Certification245.05 KB11/18/2008
UAT238. Methods of Teaching Downhill Welding18.6 KB04/26/2016
UAT239. AWS-CWI Certified Welding Inspector15.78 KB04/04/2014
UAT240. Applied Electrical Fundamentals16.94 KB04/04/2014
UAT241. Advanced Water Supply19.93 KB04/04/2014
UAT242. Advanced Centrifugal Water Chillers19.16 KB10/16/2015
UAT243. Operation of the Green Trailer19.76 KB04/04/2014
UAT243B. Operation of the UA Welding Trailer271.38 KB01/15/2010
UAT243C. UA Pipe Trades Trailer Operations19.53 KB04/04/2014
UAT243D. Residential Plumbing Demo Training Trailer19.6 KB04/04/2014
UAT244. Fundamentals of Variable Frequency Drives19.03 KB10/16/2015
UAT245. Teaching with ExamView19.46 KB06/12/2014
UAT246. Concepts of Controlled Bolting18.86 KB10/16/2015
UAT247. ASME B31.1 Code17.38 KB04/04/2014
UAT248. Valves18.66 KB04/26/2016
UAT249. Methods in Teaching Arc Welding17.08 KB04/04/2014
UAT250. Advanced Applied Drawing19.15 KB04/04/2014
UAT251. Related Science19.86 KB04/04/2014
UAT252. Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting222.45 KB02/28/2008
UAT253. Copper Piping Systems19.62 KB04/04/2014
UAT254. Centrifugal Water Chiller Controls17.38 KB04/29/2014
UAT255. Fundamentals of Rigging16.55 KB04/29/2014
UAT256. Pneumatic Controls18.91 KB10/16/2015
UAT257. Hydronic Heating and Cooling16.85 KB04/29/2014
UAT258. Advanced Residential Plumbing18.74 KB04/26/2016
UAT259. Backflow Repair and Maintenance19.68 KB04/29/2014
UAT260. Advanced Steam Technology18.81 KB10/16/2015
UAT261. Thermoplastic Fusion19.03 KB10/16/2015
UAT262. Pipe Trades Advanced Drawing19.59 KB04/29/2014
UAT263. Fundamentals of Building Automation18.94 KB10/16/2015
UAT264. Electronic Controls18.85 KB10/16/2015
UAT265. HVACR Apprenticeship Practicum17.14 KB04/29/2014
UAT266. Air and Water Balance16.98 KB04/29/2014
UAT267. Advanced HVAC & R Troubleshooting18.8 KB04/26/2016
UAT268. Technical Classes for Sprinkler Fitters19.02 KB10/16/2015
UAT269. Medical Gas247.57 KB02/28/2008
UAT269C. Canadian Medical Gas Instructor Training18.84 KB04/26/2016
UAT270. Properties of Metals18.95 KB10/30/2015
UAT271. Steam Heating Systems18.65 KB04/26/2016
UAT272. Wire Feed Orbital Welding19.08 KB10/16/2015
UAT273. Introduction to the Transit and Level19.58 KB04/29/2014
UAT274. Oxy-Fuel Cutting and Welding19.56 KB04/29/2014
UAT275. Trade Related Trigonometry19.21 KB04/29/2014
UAT276. Orbital Tube Welding19.19 KB10/30/2015
UAT277. GTAW - Wire Feed Machine Welding379.52 KB11/18/2008
UAT278. GTAW Wire Feed Welding19.15 KB10/16/2015
UAT278B. Teaching Wire Feed Welding19.7 KB04/26/2016
UAT279. UA Certified Machine Cutting, Severing, and Beveling432.12 KB09/08/2005
UAT280. Aluminum Pipe Welding (GTAW)18.97 KB10/30/2015
UAT281. Gas Installations18.96 KB10/30/2015
UAT282. Plastic Welding19.16 KB06/12/2014
UAT283. Art of Tube Bending19.13 KB04/29/2014
UAT284. Gas Metal Arc Welding19.5 KB04/29/2014
UAT285. ASME B31.3 Process Piping19.44 KB04/29/2014
UAT286. Industrial Refrigeration Trainer19.04 KB10/30/2015
UAT287. R410A Safety and Training19.45 KB04/29/2014
UAT288. Shielded Metal Arc Welding19.19 KB10/30/2015
UAT289. Electrical Diagrams in HVAC18.86 KB10/30/2015
UAT290. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding19.1 KB04/29/2014
UAT291. Residential Refrigeration UA STAR230.65 KB02/29/2008
UAT292. Pipefitting Layout19.04 KB10/30/2015
UAT293. Commercial Refrigeration UA STAR223.71 KB02/29/2008
UAT294. Plumbing Service I19.75 KB06/12/2014
UAT294B. Plumbing Service II19.87 KB06/12/2014
UAT295. UA STAR Plumbing Review19.61 KB06/12/2014
UAT296. UA STAR HVACR Review19.2 KB04/29/2014
UAT297. Sprinkler Fitter UA STAR226.12 KB02/29/2008
UAT298. UA STAR Pipefitting Review19.16 KB04/29/2014
UAT299. ATR Refresher Training19.32 KB10/30/2015
UAT302. Process Management for UA Technicians (UA 6003)92.76 KB10/22/2018
UAT305C. Canadian Green Building272.81 KB01/15/2010
UAT307. Interactive Teaching257.45 KB01/15/2010
UAT308. Industrial Refrigeration Market19.49 KB06/12/2014
UAT309. Combustion Analysis260.72 KB01/15/2010
UAT310. Setting Up HVACR Programs18.74 KB04/26/2016
UAT311. Confined Space19.85 KB10/16/2015
UAT312. Energy Auditing and Retrofit268.41 KB02/22/2010
UAT320. History of the Labor Movement18.98 KB10/30/2015
UAT321. Labor History and the UA: 1920 to Present19.02 KB10/30/2015
UAT322. Labor History in the UA 1800 to Present16.55 KB06/12/2014
UAT325. Industrial Rigging20.03 KB04/29/2014
UAT331. Energy Auditor Certification21.13 KB04/29/2014
UAT343C. Canadian Green Construction17.45 KB05/17/2011
UAT344C. Canadian Steamfitter Red Seal19.52 KB05/17/2011
UAT351. Plumbing Codes16.31 KB04/29/2014
UAT352. Residential Fire Protection Systems Certification for Installers19.72 KB06/12/2014
UAT353. ASME Section IX Welding Code18.9 KB10/30/2015
UAT355. Quality Control Inspection21.17 KB04/29/2014
UAT356. Corrosive Resistant Alloys19.37 KB04/29/2014
UAT357. TIP TIG Wire Feed Welding Process19.01 KB06/12/2014
UAT358. Cross Connection Control17.07 KB04/04/2014
UAT362. Valve Repair Recertification18.75 KB04/26/2016
UAT367. Advanced Air and Water Analysis19.06 KB10/30/2015
UAT369. Advanced Residential Training18.88 KB04/26/2016
UAT371. Crane Signalperson Training and Certification20.04 KB05/17/2011
UAT390. Operation of a UA Training Program228.98 KB02/29/2008
UAT391. Coordinators' Yearly Update273.14 KB10/15/2009
UAT393. Canadian Coordinators' Update250.22 KB02/29/2008
UAT395. UA Administrative Resources245.34 KB02/29/2008
UAT397. Coaching Students with Challenges232.32 KB02/28/2008
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