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Important Update:

Turning Technologies has announced that the sales for the current version of TurningPoint (Turning Point 5) ended on January 31, 2106. All support for TurningPoint 5 will end on June 30, 2016.

The new version is TurningPoint Cloud. The plan is to have TurningPoint Cloud installed on WCC machines for Fall 2016 semester.


All instructors MUST have a Turning Account https://account.turningtechnologies.com/account/ to open the application in the classroom. This is a simple and free process.

Use your WCC email to create your account.

The application interface has a slightly different look, but the functions are pretty much the same. Using the "clickers" is the same as before, nothing has changed on the hardware side.

If you use TurningPoint strictly as a participation tool only, this is the extent of the changes for you.

If, however, you use the polling data sessions to integrate with Blackboard LMS for grading, attendance, etc. i.e. for the student responses to "count", the student MUST have a license to go with the "clicker". To tie polling data with an individual student, the student will need a license. Students who purchase a license will also need a Turning Account.

Instructors who have in the past assigned "clickers" as part of Books and Supplies for student purchase may assign students to purchase the license as well. While students can buy licenses directly from Turning Technologies, students using financial aid for books and supplies will have to purchase the license through the bookstore. The bookstore will sell both the “clicker” and the Turning Account License as a bundle at a reduced price.

The bookstore can sell both stand-alone licenses, as well as device/license bundles.

As an example, an instructor might assign:

  • Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF LCD
  • 1 Year Turning Account License

An alternative to students purchasing licenses is for the instructor to have instructor licenses or "seats" that can be assigned to students.  As an example; an instructor that has 30 "seats" can use them for each class regardless of the number of classes that the instructor has. Instructors  "seats" can be purchased from Turning Technologies. Contact Media Services for details.

Turning Technologies offers a wide variety of support and training services from online tutorials and best practices to personalized trainings.

Other information

Creating a Turning Account and Registering your Clicker   (.pdf)

Response Card  ("clicker") guide (.pdf)


TurningPoint Help Desk

Hours: Wed-Fri Noon-5:00pm
Email: emts@wccnet.edu
Phone: 734-677-5180