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TurningPoint Portal

About TurningPoint

TurningPoint is a suite of student response systems that allows presentations to become a powerful interactive teaching tools.

On their most basic level, TurningPoint polling systems can be used to ensure that your students are active and engaged in the learning. When using the more advanced features, they can become a powerful evaluation tool that can reduce your grading process to a few clicks of a mouse.

TurningPoint 5 can be used to add question and answer slides to new or existing PowerPoint presentations. TurningPoint Anywhere allows polling over top of any media type.

Students use "clickers" to answer the questions, and TurningPoint records the responses for instant evaluation. Students can be assigned a specific clicker ID allowing you to track their progress, generate grades, and post the results directly to BlackBoard. The system is comprised of two elements:

  • Hardware: A set of handheld remote clickers and a USB RF receiver
  • Software: TurningPoint is an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint. The software is available for free download.

Each clicker has been assigned a unique six digit code. When information is entered on the keypad, the USB receiver transmits that data to TurningPoint where it can be viewed instantly in class or stored for later evaluation.

TurningPoint 5 is an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint. When installed, the program appears in the PowerPoint tab menu allowing the user to easily incorporate TurningPoint elements in to presentations.

For more information on how to receive a TurningPoint system for your classroom please see the Get Equipment for more information.


TurningPoint Help Desk

Hours: Wed-Fri 12-5:00pm
Email: emts@wccnet.edu
Phone: 734-677-5180