TurningPoint Portal
TurningPoint Portal

Getting TurningPoint Equipment

WCC's TurningPoint Initiative is open to all WCC staff and Faculty, both full and part-time.

The TurningPoint software is free.

The latest version of TurningPoint 5 can be downloaded here. as the the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester, all campus computers will have TurningPoint 5 installed.

If you require assistance with installing the software on your personal or office computer, contact the WCC IT Services Help Desk.

Requiring Clickers

Instructors that would like to make TurningPoint Clickers a required course material for their courses must click "Assign TurningPoint Clickers" in the "Books/Supplies Main Menu" in Banner. This will inform students that TurningPoint clickers are required for the course and will need to be purchased at the WCC Bookstore or elsewhere. A TurningPoint receiver will be provided to faculty from the Media Services Department on a semester loan basis.

How do students get their Clickers?

Students purchase their own clickers from the WCC Bookstore or elsewhere. This clicker is tied to their BlackBoard ID and can be used in any course where TurningPoint is required.

Students are required to register their clickers in BlackBoard. It is advisable that Instructors remind their students to complete this step prior to the first day of class.


Online video walkthroughs can be found on Turning Technologies website here. WCC offers one-on-one training through the TurningPoint Help Desk 734-677-5180, Wednesday – Friday Noon to Five PM.


TurningPoint Help Desk

Hours: Wed-Fri 12-5:00pm
Email: emts@wccnet.edu
Phone: 734-677-5180