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TurningPoint Portal

TurningPoint 5

All student polling in one program.

The TurningPoint 5 Logo

With TurningPoint 5, PowerPoint based polling and TurningPoint Anywhere polling systems have been combined into one product.

The new TurningPoint Dashboard module has streamlined much of the presentation creation, Session management, and Participant List management functionality, taking several options from the ‘Settings’ menu and moving them in to the UI of the Dashboard, TurningPoint Ribbon, and slide preference window.

To get started using TurningPoint 5, take a look at TurningPoint's online walkthroughs.

Things to like:

  • Ability to edit, create, and manage presentation, Participant List, and Session data in the new Dashboard module
  • Improved UI provides greater flexibility for creating and managing slides
  • A new data storage structure that connects Sessions with Participant Lists automatically
  • A better organized UI in the TurningPoint ribbon that provides more at provides more information to the user
  • An updated Participant Monitor that provides overall averages and individual student scores during a Session. This can be displayed on a separate monitor only viewable to the instructor
  • Potentially creates new ways for instructors to share presentations and information with each other
  • Ability to view and print reports without having to generate an Excel file
  • Combines TurningPoint, Anywhere Polling, and Self-paced Polling and allows them to share user Session and user data
  • A simplified way of managing ResponseWare that allows smartphones to be used instead of (or in addition to) clickers

When can I start using TurningPoint 5?

You can start using TurningPoint 5 today. Officially the college will make the switch from TurningPoint 2008 to TurningPoint 5 at the beginning of the Fall semester. At that time TP 2008 will no longer be available on campus computers. It is highly advisable to get familiar with the new version and start converting your presentations before the Fall semester.

RF Clickers

A simple tool for student interaction

A TurningPoint Receiver and Clicker

TurningPoint’s RF clicker is the simplest way for your students to interact with your TurningPoint presentations. Designed for simple multiple choice answers, the clickers are simple to use and easy to use. If your course requires numerical input functionality.

To learn more about how to use the RF clicker, watch the following video tutorial. Skip to 1:44.

How do students purchase clickers?

TurningPoint clickers are available at the WCC Bookstore. Students can buy clickers new or used or rent them on a semester basis. They can be sold back to the bookstore for a 50% buy back. A single clicker can be used in any course that requires them. There is no additional fee for multiple course usage.

How to require clickers for a class

If you plan on using TurningPoint in your upcoming courses, you must indicate your intention to do so in Banner. Banner will treat this request like it would any other required piece of equipment and notify the bookstore.

Registering student clickers in BlackBoard?

To use the BlackBoard functionality of TurningPoint (generating participant list, automatic grading, etc.), students must pre-register their clicker’s ID in your BlackBoard course.

NXT Clickers

More advanced then the standard RF clickers, NXT clickers allow for a greater level of input and interaction.

A TurningPoint NXT Clicker

While the NXT Clicker can operate side-by-side with the RF clicker for multiple choice responses, it also has the ability for letter, number, character and punctuation input. The clicker makes short answer and numerical response possible and opens up new possibilities for math and science based courses.

To learn more about how to operate the NXT Clicker, take a look at the NXT video walkthrough found here.


TurningPoint Help Desk

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Email: emts@wccnet.edu
Phone: 734-677-5180