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TurningPoint Portal

TurningPoint for Students

A guide for using your clicker in the classroom.

The TurningPoint Student Response System allows Instructors to add "question and answer" interactivity to their PowerPoint presentations. While many Instructors use the TurningPoint system simply as a tool to keep students engaged, the system also allows Instructors to record students’ answers and assign point values.

TurningPoint can be used with BlackBoard to upload grades directly to the Grade Center. This means less time waiting for your quiz or test results.

If your Instructor has required you to purchase a TurningPoint clicker, you can do so at the WCC Bookstore when purchasing your other required supplies such as books.

Remember to register your Clicker ID in BlackBoard so that your Instructor can add you to their TurningPoint Participant lists. Failure to do so may result in the loss of points in daily activities.

Finding your Clicker's ID

Each clicker has a unique 6 digit code on the back. This code is used by BlackBoard to identify you in a specific class roster.

The back of a TurningPoint RF clicker showing its Device ID.

Register your clicker in BlackBoard

It is very important that you register your clicker in BlackBoard before the first day of class. Failure to do so could mean lost points for graded assignments. After you register your clicker in BlackBoard, Instructors will be able to add you to TurningPoint Participant Lists. Participant Lists are what TurningPoint uses to upload data gathered in class to WCC’s BlackBoard’s Grade Center.

Since each clicker has a unique code assigned to it, the system does not allow multiple students to use the same clicker. The sharing of clickers is considered by WCC to be cheating and students caught sharing clickers may be subject to disciplinary actions.

Instructions on how to register your clicker can be found here.

Change your clicker's channel

In class your clicker sends RF signals to a receiver at the Instructor’s computer. Your clicker and this receiver must be set to the same RF channel.

If you are using clickers in multiple classes taught by different Instructors it may be necessary to change your clicker's RF channel.

There are different ways to set the channel on the different types of clickers:

If you are using the standard RF clicker skip to 1:44 in this video to learn how to set a channel

If you are using the NXT clicker (typically for a math course) skip to 2:26 in this video.

Changing your clicker's battery

Your clicker is powered by two coin cell CR2032 (3.0V) Lithium Batteries. These batteries typically last for 6 to 12 months. If you think your battery is dead, first try to reset its RF channel (1:44 in the video), (most of the time the clicker has been accidently set to the wrong RF channel). If you are sure that the battery is dead, new ones can be purchased at the WCC Bookstore.


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