TurningPoint Portal
TurningPoint Portal

Register your Clicker in BlackBoard

How to Register Your Clicker in BlackBoard

  1. After you have located the device ID on the back of your clicker, log on to BlackBoard.
    BlackBoard log in screen.
  2. Select the the course that requires clickers.
    Selecting a course.
  3. Find the "TurningPoint Clickers" button at the bottom of the left hand navigation menu.
    TurningPoint button in BlackBoard.
  4. Click on the "TurningPoint Registration Tool" link.
    TurningPoint Registration link.
  5. Enter your device ID in to the fields. Click submit at the bottom of the screen.
    Entering a Divice ID.
  6. Your device ID is now registered in BlackBoard.
    BlackBoard status screen.

TurningPoint Help Desk

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Email: emts@wccnet.edu
Phone: 734-677-5180