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Accelerated College Credit

Career and technical education offers the career-minded high school student an opportunity to earn accelerated college credits. These are college credits that can be earned at your local high school. Turn those credits into savings and earn your degree in less time by applying accelerated college credits towards your college degree. You can view a list of high schools with which Washtenaw Community College has articulation agreements.

Course# Course Name Course Credit Hours State-wide Agreement
ABR111 Intro. to Auto Body Repair 4 credits Yes
ABR112 Intro to Automotive Refinish 4 credits Yes
ACC100 Accounting Practices for Bus 3 credits Yes
ACC131 QuickBooks Software 3 credits Yes
ASV130 Automotive Maintenance 4 credits Yes
ASV131 Automotive Electrical 4 credits Yes
BMG140 Introduction to Business 3 credits Yes
BOS101A Beginning Keyboarding 1 credits
BOS101B Intermediate Keyboarding 1 credits
BOS101C Advanced Keyboarding 1 credits
BOS157 Word Process & Doc Format I 3 credits
CCP122 Essentials of Child Care - I 4 credits
CCP123 Essentials of Child Care - II 4 credits
CCP132 Child Development Practicum I 1 credits
CCP133 Child Development Practicum II 1 credits
CIS100 Intro Comp Productivity Apps 3 credits Yes
CIS110 Intro to Computer Info Systems 3 credits Yes
CNT206 Introduction to Networks 4 credits
CNT216 Routing & Switching Essentials 4 credits
CNT226 Scaling Networks 4 credits
CNT236 Connecting Networks 4 credits
CON104 Construction Framing I 3 credits Yes
CON108 Intro to Construction Tech 2 credits Yes
CPS161 An Intro to Programming /Java 4 credits Yes
CPS171 Intro Prog With C++ 4 credits Yes
CST118 MS Command Line Fundamentals 2 credits
CST160 Computer Technology I 4 credits
CUL100 Intro to Hospitality 2 credits Yes
CUL110 Sanitation and Hygiene 2 credits Yes
CUL145 Dining Room Service 3 credits Yes
CUL150 Management and Supervision 3 credits
CUL174 CUL Co-op Education I 1 credits
GDT106 Illustrator Graphics 3 credits Yes
GDT107 InDesign 3 credits Yes
GDT108 Photoshop Graphics 3 credits Yes
HSC100 Basic Nursing Assistant Skills 4 credits Yes
HSC101 Healthcare Terminology 1 credits Yes
HSC131 CPR/AED Prof Resc & First Aid 1 credits Yes
MEC101 3D Modeling and Blueprint Read 2 credits Yes
PHO111 Photography I 4 credits
PHO127 Digital Photo Imaging I 4 credits
ROB101 Robotics I - I 2 credits Yes
ROB110 Robotics I - II 2 credits
VID105 Foundations in Digital Video I 4 credits Yes
WAF103 Intro Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 2 credits Yes
WAF105 Intro to Welding Processes 2 credits
WAF111 Oxy-fuel Welding 4 credits
WAF288 Gas Metal Arc Welding 4 credits Yes
WEB110 Web Development I 4 credits Yes
WEB157 Dreamweaver 3 credits Yes

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