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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Students to Perform, Display Works at Ann Arbor Art Fairs

For the last 30 years, WCC dance instructor Noonie Anderson has taken her dance students to the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair—not to look at the art, but to perform.

“The performing arts need to be represented as well as the visual arts,” said Anderson.

WCC will be represented by a number of performers. They’ll include students from the hip-hop and modern dance classes, the Dance 4 Unity student club, faculty members, and alumni. They’ll perform on Ingalls Mall on Thursday, July 22, from 1:20-2:20pm.

“It’s important for young adults to get a chance to perform for an audience,” Anderson said. “This is the perfect venue because it is a community event and the community supports the College.”

Another longtime WCC art fairs representative is the welding department. The student-made welding booth will be in front of Seva Restaurant on Liberty Street in the nonprofit section of the fair. Sitting like a metal house, the welding booth will offer items like clocks and weathervanes for sale. Items range in price from $5 to $30. The money raised goes into the welding scholarship fund.

“Our booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fair is a great recruiting tool for the welding program,” said Coley McLean, welding department chair. “The students make the art and they run the booth. It is good experience for them.”   

While the art fairs are geared toward professional artists, there will be an emerging artist tent on South University and at least three WCC photography students made the cut.

One of those students is Nöel Oatley, 22, a Milan native who will be displaying and hopefully selling some of her photographs.

“I’ll shoot anything,” said Oatley, “but I’m particularly intrigued by modifications to the human body like tattoos, piercings, or even cosmetic surgeries.”

Oatley works primarily with film, which is rare in this age of digital media. “I prefer film,” she said. “I love the grain feel of the paper and working with the chemicals in the darkroom. Technically, I can fly by the seat of my pants.”

Oatley is pleased that the judging committee chose her work to be included in the art fair, but there’s also a downside: “Now I have to work with a deadline.”

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