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Monday, October 14, 2019

WCC Student Wins Award for Cathedral Photo

Frank Kaelin had seen the roofline of St. Stephen’s Cathedral many times in guidebooks while planning a special year-end Vienna holiday with his wife in 2007. So when he climbed onto the church’s observation platform on a rainy New Year’s Eve and saw the texture and pattern of such a recognizable landmark, it was magic—award-winning magic.

Kaelin’s photograph, “The Little Window,” received first-place honors in the February 2009 Picture Perfect Monthly Photo Contest. The contest’s theme was patterns. The roof tiles’ zigzagging snakeskin design, with alternating shades of white, black, and gray, is punctuated by a small dormer window, which brings to mind a game piece moving cautiously along an unending path.

 “I was very excited when I went up onto the observation tower and found that I was higher up than most of the cathedral,” Kaelin said. “I never thought I’d be looking straight ahead or even looking down on parts of the roof. I almost always try to find a vantage point up high to photograph a city below.”

While most consider bad weather on vacation a disappointment, Kaelin embraces it.

“My specially-modified Ziploc bag kept my camera dry while I took this photo,” said Kaelin, who started taking photography classes at WCC in the summer of 2006. “Some of my favorite shoots in the past year have taken place in the rain. If you’re prepared, a rainy day can drive the crowds away and add texture to a scene; it does wonders for waterfalls.”

For his winning photo, Kaelin will receive a cash prize plus a tripod from Adorama, the contest’s sponsor. 

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