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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Get Help With Blackboard

Answers to Technical Questions Are Just a Click or Call Away

The Blackboard used today at WCC isn’t a slab of slate hung on a classroom wall. Chalk won’t stick to it. You can’t make that nerve-numbing screech with your fingernails on it. But you can use it to pass notes to other students. You can check the status of assignments on it. And you can use it to mark your answers on a quiz or exam.

Blackboard is an integrated software package of teaching and learning tools used today by faculty and students. Initially the backbone of WCC’s online and blended classes, Blackboard is quickly becoming a regular part of all of the classes taught at the College.

Students new to Blackboard can get help in a number of ways. All resources are free.


  • Video tutorials are available for all Blackboard users.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions are posted on the Blackboard website.
  • Beginners interested in online learning are encouraged to enroll in Introduction to Online Learning (ACS 1035). The self-paced class provides a thorough overview of the tools used in Blackboard as well as other online learning skills, and plenty of hands-on practice. With the exception of a brief period following the start of a new semester, ACS 1035 is available year round. The fee is $25.

In Person

  • Hour-long orientation sessions are available on campus at the start of each semester. They provide a quick overview of the software.
  • The Blackboard help desk welcomes students who have questions about technical issues. It’s located in Room 225 of the Gunder Myran building, next to the Computer Commons.

By Phone

  • You can speak with a Blackboard help desk technician seven days a week at 734-477-8724 or toll free at 800-218-4341.

Top Five Blackboard Questions Asked By Students

1. Why can’t I access my class on Blackboard?

There are a number of possible reasons:

  • Your instructor may not have submitted a formal request to set up a website for the class.
  • You may have been dropped from the class list because your tuition wasn’t paid on time.
  • The student roster may not have been added to the class website.
  • The instructor may not have marked the class website as available to students yet.

2. How do I change my password?

You can make changes at the Blackboard log in page. You can access it quickly from the Quick Links dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the College’s homepage. Click “Forgot password” in the gray log in box to change your password.

3. I was kicked out of my online test. How do I get back in?

Call the help desk at 734-477-8724. Technicians will only reset a test once per student, and only if the Blackboard software has not recorded any answered questions for that test. In all other cases, they defer these requests to the instructor. Some instructors prefer that all test reset requests be deferred to them.

4. I forgot my netID or password. Where can I go to find it?

Your netID is the part of your WCC email address that comes before the @ sign. You can retrieve it by filling out a brief form. A similar form lets you reset your password.

5. Why can’t I find my assignment in Blackboard?

Sometimes you can't see a test or assignment that your instructor has asked you to look for in Blackboard. Instructors can make them unavailable two ways. They can set the “Available to Students” option to "No," or input a limited range of dates and times for access. Contacting the instructor is usually the best way to resolve this problem. The Blackboard help desk is not authorized to make changes to content without an instructor’s express permission.

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