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Monday, June 24, 2019

WCC Receives Grant to Train Police Officers

Thanks to a $45,757 grant from the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, WCC is helping local law enforcement agencies cut costs and increase the number of officers they can provide with critical legal update training.

This spring and summer, WCC will develop the first class of its kind in Michigan for law enforcement using the blended class model, which combines online and classroom instruction. Officers taking the class will receive videos, lectures, learning activities, and updated information as they improve their legal knowledge from wherever they have Internet access. Online learning allows greater flexibility for busy officers who are on the job at varying times throughout the day and night.

“Most of the class experience will be online; a much smaller portion of it will meet on campus,” said Larry Jackson, director of public service training at WCC. “That should cut officers’ time away from their police departments by 75 percent, and significantly reduce the need for costly overtime to cover for officers who would otherwise be sitting in a classroom.”

According to Jackson, blended classes could translate into a significant cost savings for budget strapped local law enforcement agencies. They also mean that more people can participate at one time. Ultimately, they help accomplish what businesses and government are being asked to do today: Do more with less.

“It’s really a win-win situation all around,” said Jackson. “We cut down on the number of classrooms we have to tie up for instruction. They spend less in overtime to cover officers on campus for training. And the officers reduce the time and gas money they spend commuting to campus.”

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