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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

WCC Trains Driving Instructors

For decades, WCC has worked with area businesses to train their employees in quality practices. This April, instructors who train drivers for area roadways will be the recipients of Washtenaw’s expertise.

WCC Police Academy faculty will teach advanced training techniques to instructors from All Star Driver Education of Ann Arbor. They, in turn, will apply what they learn when they teach adult and teen drivers.

Some of the instruction will use a SkidCar, a vehicle specially designed for law enforcement training and used by police recruits enrolled in the Police Academy. The All Star instructors will then conduct training classes along with WCC Police Academy faculty on a closed course to demonstrate how to avoid accidents and control a vehicle under various conditions.

The SkidCar is a standard vehicle that’s customized with a hydraulic system controlled from within the car. Instructors can set the amount of traction that a student driver experiences, reproducing different types of road conditions such as snow, ice, and rain. The instructor then teaches the student how to maneuver the vehicle safely to avoid accidents.

Brent Wall, president of All Star Driver Education, thought that the SkidCar and advanced driver skill training would be a great addition to All Star’s Segment 1 & 2 teen driver education courses. “We are excited that Larry Jackson, director of Public Service Training at WCC, and his staff are willing to use the SkidCar to help train our instructors and students,” Wall said. “It is going to do wonders for students who can’t get this kind of advanced training on normal roadways or in normal vehicles.”

The instructor training class will be the first of its kind offered in Michigan. Instructors and students will not only learn skid and accident avoidance, control, and recovery, but other advanced skills like emergency braking, evasive steering, and effective use of automatic braking systems and electronic stability programs. The class will be held April 16-17 at WCC. For more information, contact All Star Driver Education at 1-800-967-7719.

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