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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Student’s Film Shown at Ann Arbor Film Festival

For someone who enrolled in WCC’s digital video production program on an impulse, John Inwood is doing all right. He was nominated for an Emmy for one of his films, and his latest short film was recently shown at the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Inwood, 22 and a native of Ann Arbor, had been blowing glass with his brother for the last six years. He mostly did it because it was fun, but it also fed his desire to create something where the details count.

“I love cinematography because it can capture the emotions of a moment, like photography but with moving images,” said Inwood. “With cinematography, though, it’s more complex with audio and special effects.”

But it’s the details that truly interest Inwood, so much so that he has a hard time letting go of a project. The nine-minute documentary that aired at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, titled “Untitled Documentary,” took him over a year to complete.

“I knew it was an interesting story when I heard it, so I jumped at the opportunity to work on it,” said Inwood about the inspirational life of a former drug dealer. “But it wasn’t until I was doing the editing that I knew I had a really good documentary.”

Inwood was the first WCC student ever nominated for an Emmy. “I’d been sleeping when my instructor called me to tell me I’d been nominated,” he said. “I assumed I was dreaming. But when I woke up the message was still there, but it felt unbelievable!” The Emmy ultimately went to a student at Madonna University, but Inwood remembers that the Emmy event was great.

Inwood plans to transfer next year to a film school in North Carolina or the University of Michigan. He hopes that, like with glass blowing, he’ll get better the more he practices.

“The first two years of glass blowing I was making junk,” he said. “Now people are paying for my work. I must be doing something right.”

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