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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

From GED Prep to College Success

Changes in GED Class Refocus Efforts Toward College, Jobs

Adults enroll in WCC’s GED preparation program to complete something they started. Now the program has several new components to help them set their next set of goals. At the top of the list: continuing on for a college certificate or degree.

The changes place greater emphasis on developing a set of skills to improve classroom success and quality of life, said Bonnie Truhn, manager of WCC’s GED prep program, which it calls Adult Transitions. This is done through a new Learn and Earn Professional Development Lab. In the lab, students apply the academic skills they master in the GED prep classroom to real-life situations. 

Changes Help Bridge the Gap Between GED and College

“The course now combines career information and the higher-level math, reading, and writing skills they need to fill the knowledge gap between GED scores and college-level entry requirements,” said Truhn. “In addition to curriculum changes, the program also includes interaction with counselors, mentors, and experts from the College and the community.”

The new format welcomes back GED prep graduates as mentors to share their insights and experiences of setting new goals and sticking with them.

“As role models, they share their college experiences and provide tutoring to current students,” said Truhn. “Instructors from the College also provide insight and a glimpse of what to expect in the WCC classroom.”

Under the new format, GED prep students are introduced to:

  • critical thinking
  • time management
  • problem solving
  • computer literacy
  • test taking strategies
  • effective communication
  • successful study techniques
  • job search strategies

According to Truhn, presenters from WCC and the community engage students in college and job readiness preparations in areas such as:

  • job networking
  • dressing for success
  • interviewing skills
  • resume writing

WCC offers GED prep classes every fall, winter, and spring/summer semester on the main campus and at its Harriet Street Center in Ypsilanti. The class costs $30. For more information, visit the Adult Transitions website or call 734-677-5006.


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