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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Jacob Lawrence’s Prints of John Brown On Display at WCC

A rich and colorful series of prints by one of America’s most widely respected African-American painters, Jacob Lawrence, is on display at WCC’s Gallery One through Feb. 17.

The gallery is hosting an exhibit of serigraph prints inspired by Lawrence’s 1941 suite of paintings titled “The Legend of John Brown.” In the series, Lawrence depicts seminal events in the abolitionist’s life with powerful, graphic imagery.

In his review of the exhibit, John Carlos Cantu wrote, “One of the most important proponents of American cubism—or as Lawrence himself described it, ‘dynamic cubism’—he created a style of art that was inspired in part by France’s synthetic cubism (with its emphasis on flattened, stylized geometry); but far more important, imbued with the vibrancy of Harlem’s famed 1920s Renaissance.”

John Brown was a militant organizer of free African-Americans and fugitive slaves. PBS documentarian Ken Chowder called him “the father of American terrorism” for his leadership in the Pottawatomie Massacre and the unsuccessful October 1859 raid on Harper’s Ferry, W.Va., to secure weapons that would be used in his efforts to abolish slavery. Brown was hanged in December 1859 for inciting treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia.

WCC’s Gallery One is located on the first floor of the Student Center building. Its hours are Monday and Tuesday from 10:00am to 6:00pm, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00am to 8:00pm, and Friday from 10:00am to noon. For more information, call 734-477-8512.

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