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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

2012 Issue of The Huron River Review is Available

The latest issue of The Huron River Review, WCC’s award-winning literary magazine, is now available. There are 49 contributors in this year’s 160-page anthology. They include students, current and former faculty, and employees of the College.

Poetry and photography are the dominant forms of expression this year. For example, visual artists Mike Frieseman, R.M. Frumkin, Noor F. Al-Janabi, and Derrick (who just uses a first name) have several examples of their work in the issue. Original art, essays, and short stories also are included.

In his essay, veteran Mark Klinger recalls his valiant efforts to save a seriously wounded buddy on a battlefield: “When army medics go through training, they are repeatedly told that in a combat situation they should never do CPR. Well, this was the real thing, and I paid no attention to how they had trained me. I continued for what seemed like forever doing CPR, as my strength waned, he took a breath. I stopped to check his pulse; there it was weak, but steady, and he was breathing. In a garbled wheezing sort of way, but he was breathing on his own.

“I rechecked his skull for any signs of external trauma, and to see if there was any bruising of any sort. Bruising would indicate that there was brain damage, and that I would have to drill a hole in his skull to relieve the pressure or he would die. While I was doing this he opened his eyes and blinked.”

“This is another great issue,” said Tom Zimmerman, faculty advisor. “The talent here at WCC is broad and deep.”

The 2012 Huron River Review costs $6 and is available at the WCC Bookstore. Because of renovations to the first floor of the Student Center building, the bookstore has a temporary entrance on the south side of the building across from the Crane Liberal Arts and Science building.

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