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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Annual Scholarship Luncheon Celebrates Infinite Opportunities

How often do you see the direct results of your donation? Or get a chance to shake the hand of the person whose life you changed? At the Annual Scholarship Luncheon hosted by the WCC Foundation on April 17, donors and scholarship recipients got a chance to do just that. With over 150 guests, the room was full of heartwarming stories, well-wishers, and a sense that WCC was the place that makes great things happen.

The four WCC student speakers had different stories, but all admitted that they couldn’t have accomplished their goals without their scholarship:

  • Megan Graga is a 4.0 grade point average nursing student who dropped out of high school in California, realized that she needed to prioritize her life for her son, and is now transferring to the University of Michigan.
  • Quincy Hammond, who will graduate with an associate degree in social work and transfer to Eastern Michigan University, overcame years of alcohol addiction and now wants to help others discover their own possibilities. 
  • Nicholas Clark talked about the responsibility of not letting the donors down as a reason he takes his nursing studies so seriously. He praised the school, the small classes, and the dedicated faculty, and promised to be the best nurse willing to give a little extra care to patients who are WCC supporters. With the death of his father three years ago, the scholarship money he receives for school is the only way he could possibly attain his educational goals.
  • Justin Rutt is so serious about not going into debt that he holds down two part-time jobs as well as receiving a WCC Foundation scholarship. Because the scholarship is funded from community members he feels the support keenly. He recognizes how special WCC is, and feels lucky he is a student here after dropping out of two other four-year colleges.

For the 2008-2009 academic year the WCC Foundation awarded 560 scholarships for a total of approximately $500,000. The need is greater than ever. The WCC Foundation saw a 30 percent increase in the number of applicants. For the first time in over 20 years, the Foundation could not meet the needs of all the qualified applicants. 

To learn how you could make a difference in a WCC student’s life, visit the Foundation website.

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