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Sunday, June 17, 2018

WCC Helps Train and Retain Area Workforce in 2013

Talent investment will be a key competitive advantage for small business owners and corporate America in 2013, said Michelle Mueller, associate vice president for economic and community development at WCC. Recently, Mueller discussed workforce training with area executives who feel that recruiting and retaining skilled employees are critical in positioning their businesses for success.

“What’s great about having a resource like Washtenaw Community College is that companies have ready access to quality training for their employees,” said Mueller. “We can customize the training and take it to them on site, or they can access the great facilities we have here on campus. WCC also provides managers and business owners with a talent pool of newly credentialed individuals who will transition seamlessly from classroom to career.”

Businesses can preview this talent without significant cost or long-term commitment through sponsored co-ops and internships. Mueller encourages paid work experiences because wages for work reflect real life. They also help students finance their education.

“It’s so important to identify talented individuals and to work with them early on,” she said. “Internships are a great way to see what a potential employee can do with a minimal investment. It also helps determine whether or not someone is the right fit for an organization. I really hope that more companies take advantage of the benefits an internship can provide in 2013.”

According to Mueller, the demand for industry certifications will continue to grow in the year ahead. To help accommodate the increased demand, WCC will add more certification testing options for employees and their employers.

“Companies can check with the College to see if we have those certification tests available. If not, it may be an opportunity for us to investigate new options,” Mueller said.

For more information about WCC’s workforce development opportunities, contact Brandon Tucker.

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