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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Technology and Job Demands Lead to Program Changes at WCC

Because of changes in technology and the job market, Washtenaw Community College will add some degree and certificate programs and discontinue others starting this fall. The academic areas most affected are computers, computer-aided drafting, and architecture.

The Board of Trustees approved the changes at its April 28 meeting. Each year WCC reviews its programs to evaluate how well they serve the community’s needs.

Many of the changes in computer-related areas involve replacing existing programs with new ones. Students currently enrolled can finish their work under the existing program structure or can switch to the new certificate and degree options.

Degree and certificate programs in CAD and architecture are being discontinued because the job market for these professions has plummeted. However, Vice President for Instruction Roger Paley said WCC will still offer classes in the two subjects.

“The College is committed to offering courses in these areas so that students currently enrolled in those programs can complete their studies,” said Palay. “Furthermore, if there is a continuing demand for courses in CAD and architectonics, the College will respond to that demand.”

Faculty who teach in discontinued programs have the opportunity to transfer to new academic areas. The affected faculty have developed plans for retraining and will start them almost immediately, Palay said.

While housing starts and residential construction jobs have decreased significantly this past year, a shift toward green building practices and home renovations has lessened the impact on the College’s Residential Construction program, which will continue to incorporate these techniques into its curriculum.

Following is a list of WCC’s new and discontinued programs for Fall Semester 2009:

New Programs 

  • Foundations of Information Systems, Certificate 
  • Foundations of Data Recovery and Analysis, Certificate 
  • Web User Experience, Advanced Certificate 
  • Programming in Java, Advanced Certificate 
  • C++ Programming, Advanced Certificate 
  • Information Systems Transfer Degree, Associate in Science 
  • Computer Science Transfer Degree, Associate in Science 
  • Liberal Arts, Certificate 
  • General Studies in Math and Natural Science, Associate in Science 
  • Sustainable Technologies in HVACR, Associate of Applied Science 

Programs to be Discontinued 

  • .Net Programming, Advanced Certificate 
  • Computer Programming, Associate in Applied Science 
  • E‐Business Fundamentals, Certificate 
  • E‐Business, Advanced Certificate 
  • Foundations of Computer Programming, Certificate 
  • Java Developer, Advanced Certificate 
  • Linux/Unix Systems II, Advanced Certificate 
  • Microcomputer Systems Support, Associate in Applied Science 
  • Object‐Oriented Programming with C++, Advanced Certificate 
  • Web Database Developer, Advanced Certificate 
  • Collision Repair Technician, Advanced Certificate 
  • Custom Cars and Concepts, Advanced Certificate 
  • Architectural Technology, Associate in Applied Science 
  • Computer‐Aided Drafting and Design, Associate in Applied Science 
  • Computer‐Aided Drafting, Advanced Certificate 
  • Computer‐Aided Drafting, Certificate 
  • Interior Design, Associate in Applied Science 
  • Residential Design, Advanced Certificate 
  • Residential Planning and Estimating, Certificate 
  • Surveying Assistant, Certificate

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