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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Registration for Fall 2009 Semester Starts July 15

With registration for WCC’s Fall Semester starting soon, both new and returning students are encouraged to see an advisor or counselor in Counseling and Career Planning to get help choosing classes.

Registration for Fall Semester starts Wednesday, July 15, for current and readmitted students. Registration for new students starts one week later on Wednesday, July 22. Fall Semester starts Aug. 28 and ends Dec. 18.

A schedule of credit classes is available on WCC’s website. College officials urge students to register as soon as possible. “The longer you wait, the fewer scheduling options you’ll have,” said Dr. John Rinke, director of Support Services.

Current and readmitted students have staggered registration start times on July 15. The times are based on the number of credit hours earned, either at WCC or through accepted transfer hours, through Winter Semester 2009:

  • 45 hours or more: 8:00am
  • 30 hours or more: 11:00am
  • 15 hours or more: 1:00pm
  • Less than 15 hours: 3:00pm

You’re a current student if you took credit classes at WCC in any semester from Fall 2007 to Spring/Summer 2009. You’re a readmitted student if you took classes more than two years ago and have reactivated your file by completing the online application form again.

Registration for new students starts at 9:00am on Wednesday, July 22. New students must submit an online application and be admitted before they can register.

The registration deadline for Fall classes that start Aug. 28 is Aug. 26.

Students register for credit classes online. If you need computer access or help with registering, visit WCC’s Student Connection on the second floor of the Student Center building. If you have questions about registration, call the Student Connection at 734-973-3543.

Registration for WCC’s LifeLong Learning non-credit classes also starts July 15. You do not have to be admitted to WCC to take LifeLong Learning classes. LifeLong Learning offers a variety of classes in areas such as art and photography, business, computers and technology, food and drink, health and wellness, home and garden, personal finance, and writing and literature.

A schedule of LifeLong Learning classes will be available starting July 15. You can register for LifeLong Learning classes online, by mail, or in person at the Student Connection.

Students take a risk if they register for credit classes without seeing an advisor or counselor, Rinke said. “It’s always safest to touch base with a counselor, if only to confirm or reconfirm they are registering for the correct classes,” he said. Students who don’t get advice sometimes learn mid-semester that classes they’re taking aren’t in their program or don’t transfer, Rinke said.

Advisors and counselors also often know the best combinations of classes to take together, said Sally Harris, a full-time counselor. And they can help students develop a realistic schedule, she said. For example, for some students classes that start at 10:00am may be more realistic than ones that start at 8:00am. Other students may be best off with weekend classes, online classes, or blended classes that combine online and classroom instruction, Harris said.

The advisors and counselors also can help you explore careers. “If people aren’t sure what they want to do, it’s best to get in now,” said Harris.

Students should do some preparation before seeing an advisor or counselor, said Rhonda Gilmore, a full-time counselor. She suggested preparing a list of questions for the meeting, carefully reading the College catalog and class schedule and, if you plan to transfer, checking the requirements at your transfer school. Transfer Guides are available online. “Most people we know spend more time planning their vacations than planning the rest of their lives,” she said.

Counseling and Career Planning, which is located on the second floor of WCC’s Student Center building, is generally open Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 6:30pm and Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. However, the hours are sometimes extended or abbreviated, so it’s a good idea to check the counseling schedule.

Although walk-ins are welcome, you’ll avoid lines if you make an appointment by calling 734-677-5102. Counseling and Career Planning switches to walk-ins only close to the beginning of the semester, Rinke said.

You also can get advising from academic division advisors and counselors.

If you live a distance from campus, another option is to use WCC’s new real-time online advising service. Your computer needs to have a webcam and microphone for you to take full advantage of the service. And if you just have a simple question about attending WCC, you can submit it through the Internet and get a reply by email or phone.

But whichever route you take to register, don’t wait. “Get it done now,” Harris said. “Then enjoy the rest of your summer.”

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