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Sunday, August 25, 2019

WCC honors Years of Service recipients at annual Employee Recognition Reception

All Washtenaw Community College faculty and staff are invited to celebrate their colleagues' years of service at the annual Employee Recognition Reception held from 3:30 to 5:00pm on Thursday, April 26 in the Morris Lawrence Building.

Those celebrating milestone work anniversaries this year include: 

30 Years

Linda Blakey, Arnett Chisholm, Randy Ferry, Ron Schulz, Debra Shillington, Crystal Sims, Kim Tom. 

25 Years

Bill Abernethy, Sally Adler, Anne Heise, Tracy Jaffe, John Kerr, Pat Lenton, Mimi Norwood, Laura Perez, Dana Reeds, Kai Smith, Valerie Wenger, Sebreda Williams. 

20 Years

Derek Anders Sr., Noonie Anderson, Kirsten Cunningham, Michael Galea, Phil Geyer, Cathy Hann, Patrick Hughes, Charles Johnson, Rose Johnson, Marvin Jones, Michael Lee, Becca Meixner, Robert Phillips, Michael Tran, Tom Warsinske, Sarah Wilson. 

15 Years

Larry Aeilts, Rose Bailey, Anita Chaudhri, Breege Concannon, Khiet Do, Cassandra George-Sturges, Trudi Hagen, Crystal Hall, Andrea Hemphill, Glenn Kish, Vicky Kyle, Chris Mihaly, Lynn Rivers, Elaine Stegg, David Waskin. 

10 Years

Guy Bancroft, Shana Barker, Andrea Belcher, Michael Bergum, Kim Billings, Josh Burge, Ricky Carrington, Lynn Grace, Eric Hesterly, Terri Jennings, Carol Kelley, Nannette Knox, Kevin Losey, Trudi Mohrlock, Justin Morningstar, Derek Nelson, Warren Nelson, Janine Shahinian, Renee Stokley, Kelly Williams.

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