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Monday, December 17, 2018

Registration for Spring/Summer 2009 Semester Starts March 18

Registration for WCC’s Spring/Summer Semester starts Wednesday, March 18, for current and readmitted students. Registration for new students starts one week later on Wednesday, March 25.

A schedule of credit classes is available on WCC's website.  Students should register early to get the best selection of classes.

The Spring/Summer Semester starts May 8 and ends Aug. 7. WCC will offer credit classes in 12-week, 10-week, and 7.5-week sessions.

Current and readmitted students have staggered registration start times on March 18. The times are based on the overall number of credit hours earned, either at WCC or through accepted transfer hours, through Fall Semester 2008:

  • 45 hours or more: 8:00am
  • 30 hours or more: 11:00am
  • 15 hours or more: 1:00pm
  • Less than 15 hours: 3:00pm

You’re a current student if you took credit classes at WCC in any semester from Spring/Summer 2007 to Winter 2009. You’re a readmitted student if you took classes more than two years ago and have reactivated your file by completing the online application form again.

Registration for new students starts at 9:00am on Wednesday, March 25. New students must submit an online application and be admitted before they can register.

The registration deadline for Spring/Summer classes that start May 8 is May 6. The registration deadline for the second 10-week session that starts May 29 is May 27, and the deadline for the second 7.5-week session that starts June 17 is June 15.

Registration for credit classes is done online. If you need access to a computer or help with registering, visit WCC’s Student Connection on the second floor of the Student Center building. If you have questions about registration, call the Student Connection at 734-973-3543.

Registration for WCC’s LifeLong Learning non-credit classes also starts March 18. You do not have to be admitted to WCC to take LifeLong Learning classes. LifeLong Learning classes help you pursue interests and hobbies, grow in your career and meet professional requirements, or simply learn something new.

A schedule of LifeLong Learning classes will be available starting March 18. You can register for LifeLong Learning classes online, by mail, or in person at the Student Connection on the second floor of WCC’s Student Center building.

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