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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

New Deadlines Affect Winter 2009 Registration

Anticipating another semester of high enrollment, WCC is taking steps to prevent a frantic, last-minute rush to complete paperwork and sign up for classes right before Winter Semester begins on Jan. 11, 2010. These steps include several new deadlines and procedure changes.

Application and Registration

Admissions applications for Winter 2010 must be submitted online by 6:00pm on Monday, Jan. 4, a week before classes start. At that time the form will be removed from WCC’s website until Jan. 26, when students can apply for Spring/Summer or Fall semesters. Students on F1 visas must submit their applications for Winter Semester by Monday, Nov. 16.

The registration deadline of 6:00pm on Thursday, Jan. 7, is unchanged.

Financial Aid

Students seeking financial aid for Winter Semester are strongly encouraged to file their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the U.S. Department of Education by Friday, Nov. 20. This allows time for the government to process the application and return it to the College by Friday, Dec. 11, to meet WCC’s financial aid deadline. Students without an approved application on file at the College by Dec. 11 will have to make other financial arrangements or risk being dropped from their classes.

New Student Orientation

New students must complete orientation and assessment before they can register for classes. Students need to complete online orientation on the College’s website, and most are also required to attend in-person orientation. Orientation sessions are held several times a week, and students should log into their MyWCC account to reserve a spot. The last day for on-campus orientations is Wednesday, Jan. 6.

Most new students also must take the COMPASS assessment tests. The last COMPASS testing for Winter Semester starts at noon on Thursday, Jan. 7.


No more than five students will be placed on the waitlist of a full section for Winter registration. In past semesters as many as 20-30 students were accepted. Exceptions to that are distance learning classes, PEA 115 (Health and Fitness Experience) and HSC 100 (Basic Nursing Assistant). Students will now be able to log into MyWCC and see their personal waitlist archive to view the classes for which they're waitlisted.

Payment Deadlines

Students who register by Thursday, Dec. 10, but have not paid by then will be dropped from their classes. Likewise, students who register in the following week but have not paid by Thursday, Dec. 17, will be dropped from their classes. Students who register between Dec. 18 and Jan. 4 must pay by Jan. 5. Those who register on or after Jan. 5 must pay the same day they register or they’ll be dropped from their classes.

For More Information

Visit the WCC website for additional information about admissions, registration, financial aid, orientation, and COMPASS assessment testing.

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