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Disability Services


Examples of accommodations that can be granted if specifically justified by documentation include:

  • Extended time on exams
  • A quiet place for taking tests
  • Permission to record lectures on tape
  • Use of a non-programmable calculator
  • Use of computer based technologies for reading and/or written work
  • Textbooks on tape
  • Large Print (CCTV)
  • Use of Kurzweil Reader/Scanner
  • Note taking: Please see instructions for setting up note taking. Note taking can be arranged through different means depending on individual needs, including identifying a classmate with the assistance of your instructor (peer note taker) who is willing to take notes. Notes may also be taken by recording lectures, use of personal equipment such as lap top computers or other electronic note taking devices.
  • Sign Language Interpreter
  • Assistive Listening Devices (COMTEK)
  • Reader/Scribe

A reader reads material either on audiotape or in person for a student who cannot make effective use of written material. A scribe is a person who writes for a student who is unable to write effectively due to a disability. Readers and scribes do not provide textual interpretations or alterations of content. They are passive participants in the reading/writing process.

If you experience any problem(s) with service(s), please immediately notify the Disability Services Director. We cannot correct a problem that we do not know exists. Your cooperation to help us continually improve service(s) is appreciated.

Appeals about Disability Services (DS) policies or procedures or questions/concerns not resolved with DS staff should be discussed informally by means of a meeting with the Director of the Disability Services office. If the complaint cannot be resolved with the Director, the complaint should be filed in accordance with Student Complaint Procedures (Board of Trustees Policy Manual, Section 4095: Student Rights and Responsibilities).

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