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Learning Support Services


Our Mission

To support the independent learning process for students who are currently enrolled in Washtenaw Community College classes.

How We Do This

We provide quality services and a positive atmosphere, coordinated with other WCC student resources and WCC faculty.

Student Partnership

We expect students to work hard to develop the skills to reach their potential and meet their educational goals. This includes attending class, bringing all class materials to the tutoring session, and being prepared with specific questions. Tutoring is a collaborative process between the tutor and the student.

Tutoring For Core Courses

Tutoring is specifically focused on core academic and occupational WCC courses each semester.

If requested by students and faculty, tutoring may be offered for additional subject areas, as our annual budget allows. The Learning Support Services Director will work with instructors and Department chairs to recruit qualified tutors. If there is low demand or inability to recruit a qualified tutor, students will be referred back to their instructors.

Who We Serve

We will provide tutoring in core courses for students who are currently enrolled in WCC classes. If a student receives an "Incomplete" grade in a core course, that student may receive tutoring for one semester after the "Incomplete" is on the grade report.

The Tutors

We hire tutors with knowledge of the subject area: some are professionals in their field, some have worked, studied, or been trained in the area in which they tutor, and some are current or former students. They work within our guidelines of professionalism and confidentiality.

The Tutor's Role

Tutors support classroom instruction and assist students in further understanding the concepts presented. They can best assist students who have specific questions about the subjects covered in class and who have attended class.

Tutors are not permitted to help with take-home tests nor may they provide a comprehensive review of lecture material. Tutors may answer questions related to a homework assignment but cannot work with students on their entire homework assignment.

Tutors may clarify items on a practice test that a student has completed. They will discuss similar problems or questions rather than the specific questions on the practice test.

Who qualifies for tutoring services?

You can take advantage of these services if you:

  • Want to improve your grade(s)
  • Want help to avoid failing or withdrawing from courses
  • Want to improve your performance on recent tests or assignments
  • Are not performing to your potential in a credit course

To Receive Tutoring

  • Check outside LA 104 or call us at 734-973-3342 to find out the tutor hours and the subject areas covered the day of your visit.
  • Complete the intake form to help us continue our funding for tutors.
  • Bring your WCC ID, notes, books, resource information, and questions.
  • Attend class.
  • Students needing accommodations due to a disability, please contact a Program Specialist in LSS.


Students may drop in to the various areas tutoring is offered. Please check tutoring hours and the subject areas covered during those hours:

  • GM 201/203 for General Studies
  • GM 201/203 for Math/Science
  • Computer Commons for Computers (CIS 099, 100, 110, BOS) & various rooms for information systems and programming classes (CIS, CPS, CSS, CNT, CST) (check with LSS or the School of Information Technology each semester)
  • Nursing (check with LSS or the Nursing Department each semester)

WCC student ID is required for service. If students have already filled out the intake form for that semester, they just sign in for their subject and take a seat. When available, a tutor will take the student back to the tutoring area.

Tutoring is available for 15-30 minute individual sessions.
Students may sign in for tutoring on another subject in the same day. However, tutors will first see students who have not yet been tutored that day. Beginning Winter 2012, tutoring for Math/Science is limited to one hour per class per day in order to serve the many students using tutoring. More information about tutoring is available at each location.

Small group sessions (2-3 students) can also be conducted with a tutor if there is a tutor available.

For More Information

Other Resources

  • Computer Labs
    WCC has computer labs on campus where you can do research and get your work done.
  • Study & Learning Assistance
    WCC offers a variety of resources to help students with their studies.
  • Study Areas
    WCC provides a variety of study spots for students.
  • WCC Bookstore
    If you need paper, pens or other supplies, WCC's Bookstore has many school necessities in stock.

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