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Gift Policy

The Bailey Library maintains a small collection primarily of recent publications, and therefore can only accept contributions that fill existing gaps and support the curriculum. The collection is not archival and is only minimally retrospective. Gifts are evaluated by the same standards as are purchased items so that the total collection maintains high quality, consistency, and relevance to the needs of the college.

Because of space limitations and the cost of processing, many gifts cannot be accepted. Gifts of periodicals, duplicate titles, large sets, and textbooks will not generally be added. Other factors, such as condition, age, or subject content may eliminate items from consideration. In order to determine if a gift is appropriate for the collection, a librarian will make a determination based on information provided by the donor.

The donor must provide a list (including format and quantity) that describes the gift. Based on the description, a librarian will decide whether or not the contribution can be accepted. In most instances, Library gifts qualify for a federal income tax deduction. The Library, however, cannot place a monetary value on gifts; a professional book appraiser or the donor must do that. The official acknowledgment of the gift is a thank you letter from the WCC Foundation.

All gifts will be integrated into the Library collections. Materials will not be accepted if a donor requires that they be kept together. Once a gift is accepted, the Library reserves the right to catalog, display, or dispose of items as appropriate within the context of collection development guidelines. The Library does not accept unsolicited gifts.

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