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Financial Aid

Courses in Program of Study FAQs

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Your enrollment impacts your financial aid eligibility!

Federal Regulations require you to be in an eligible program of study to receive financial aid. Did you know the classes you take also matter? The amount of your financial aid is determined by the courses you take that are part of your program.

  • What programs of study are eligible for financial aid?
    Any program that leads to an associate degree and certificate programs that have been approved by the Federal Department of Education. Generally speaking, those certificates are 16 credit hours in length or require an associate degree to be admitted into the program.
  • Why does it matter if the courses are required for my degree?
    This federal requirement is in place to help you complete your degree or eligible certificate within a reasonable amount of time. On-time completion of your program at WCC can lead to great benefits! You will save money by paying less in tuition and not borrowing as much in student loans. You can save time by transferring quicker or entering the job market to begin working. The Federal Department of Education supports you in your educational goal by guiding you toward timely completion by only covering the cost of required courses.
  • What kinds of aid are affected?
    All federal and state programs are affected. This includes the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Direct Loans, Federal Work-Study, Michigan Competitive Scholarship, Tuition Incentive Program, Children of Veterans Tuition Grant, GEAR UP and Fostering Futures Scholarship.
  • Where can I find my program?
    Check your program in MyWCC! Navigate to the "Student Services" tab, click on "Student Records", then "General Student Information". Your program of study will be labeled "Major".
  • How do I change my program of study?
    Request a program change in MyWCC. Under the Student Service tab, select "Student Records", then "Request a Program Change". Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified of a decision through your WCC email.
  • How do I know if a course counts toward my program?
    To see if your courses are eligible, run a degree audit using DegreeWorks. In MyWCC, go to the Student Services tab, select "Student Records", then click on "Check Your Degree Progress Using DegreeWorks" This is a great tool for you to check your program, review your progress and see courses remaining to complete your program!

    We have a great set of videos to help you with DegreeWorks and show you the available features.
  • How will courses not in my program be identified?
    We will use DegreeWorks to determine if a course is part of your program. A process will run which will let us know if you have a course that isn’t in your program, and, your financial aid eligibility will be adjusted.
  • Can I still take courses that do not count toward my program?
    Yes. However, these courses will not count toward your enrollment level for determining your financial aid eligibility. If your aid, at the lower number of credits, does not cover all of your tuition and fee charges, your will need to pay the balance due.
  • What do I do if my classes do not count toward my program?
    If you register for courses that are not in your program, your financial aid eligibility will be based on the reduced enrollment level for the courses in your program. Use DegreeWorks or meet with an advisor to ensure you are taking the correct courses. You may need to adjust your schedule. You can also use leftover financial aid, pay out of pocket or set up a payment plan to cover courses outside your program.
  • What if I make a change to my schedule after I receive my financial aid?
    The Financial Aid office may need to re-evaluate your financial aid eligibility based on your change in schedule. This could result in you having to repay a portion of all of the financial aid you have received. You should contact the Financial Aid office before you change your schedule once the semester begins.
  • Can I repeat a course and still receive financial aid?
    Yes. The course must count toward your program and meet the federal requirements for repeating a course.
  • Will financial aid cover remedial/developmental courses that are not part of my program?
    Federal regulations allow financial aid to cover a maximum of 30 remedial/developmental credits. If you have not attempted more than 30 of these credits, financial aid will count your remedial/developmental credits in your enrollment level.

    What about prerequisite courses?
    Prerequisite courses for programs are also consider in this 30 credit hour limit.
  • Will financial aid cover English as a Second Language (ESL) courses?
    Yes. ESL courses will count toward your enrollment level for financial aid.
  • I have questions specific to my financial aid, who should I contact?

    You should contact the Financial Aid Office. Here is our contact information:

    • Student Center Building, SC 205
    • Phone: 734-973-3523
    • Fax: 734-677-5281
    • Email: finaid@wccnet.edu

Check Your Aid

To check the status of your financial aid, log into the WCC Gateway, click on MyWCC, Financial Aid, Award Information, and then click on Check Your Financial Aid Status.

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Contact Financial Aid

To contact WCC’s Financial Aid office, you can:

  • Visit the office on the second floor of the Student Center building
  • Call 734-973-3523
  • Send a fax to 734-677-5281
  • Send an email to

The office’s normal hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 7:00pm, Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, and Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm.


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